Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Week of March 13th-15th

Wow! We had a busy week at Sunnybrook.

On Tuesday we explored our sense of taste with tasting jars. We read a book about the sense of taste and learned about the four types of taste: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The children tried spoonfuls of water with salt, water with sugar, water and lemon juice and water with coffee (decaffeinated, of course). We didn’t tell them what was in the cups until the end, so they enjoyed trying to guess, as well as identify what type of taste it was. I wish I had taken pictures of this activity to capture the funny faces. The sugar and water was the only one that they requested more of!

The afternoon students enjoyed tossing and throwing a ball to one another to learn about the importance of our sense of sight. We tossed the ball easily to one another at first and then they each took a turn wearing a blindfold and trying to catch the ball. We realized it is much more difficult to do it when you have a blindfold on and how much we rely on our sense of sight to help us do all sorts of things.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a visit from Herb and his brass instruments. He showed the students how long a trumpet, french horn and tuba would be if they were uncoiled. He also gave a musical demonstration of each. Thanks Herb! It was a great experience for the students to see and hear the instruments.

We also enjoyed seeing our 5 sense show and tell items! The children brought a variety of things to share. We touched soft stuffed animals, tasted yummy maple syrup/candies and sour lime juice, heard musical instruments and smelled some pine tree needles/branches. Thanks for the great shares! The children enjoyed talking about their items and answering questions from their friends.

On Thursday our friends from Believe in Books were back with The Cat in the Hat. It’s always so much fun when they visit. We enjoyed listening to a story and choosing a book to take home.

Kindergarten made beautiful 100 posters! 100 jewels, cornflakes, pennies, ribbons and numbers!




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