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12 June, 2016
by Lyn

Saying Goodbye

Our last week was full of energy and excitement.  We made good use of our time outside; running, digging, playing ball, and spending time with our friends.
chattingIMG_3809 (2)two friendsconstruction crew at workIMG_3851 (2)workingrelaxingblowing a dandelionIMG_3877 (2)riding the horsesvisitingIMG_3843 (2)For Monday art the children painted on flat, round objects, placed them on their paper, then turned them to blend the paint, making colorful circles.
artThere was stamping available at the circle table, and the students made animal track prints, letters and numbers, and artistic designs and patterns. IMG_3799 (2)stamping mapsstamp patterns and footprintsIn the sensory table the children had a lot of fun with water beads!
water beadsexamining the water beadsreally getting into it!IMG_5162 (2)sorting by colorcleaning up the water beadsFor the last week we brought out some favorite activities from the year . . .
the play dough dentist set,
IMG_3804 (2)drilling out cavitiesIMG_5166 (2)IMG_5195 (2)a mouth full of teeththe magnatiles,rocketsIMG_5158 (2)building with magnatiles
and the puppet theater.
boys and Wolfgangpuppet theaterIMG_5266 (2)dragons
last letter sound gamecounting turtlesknexpulling up the tapetape boyWe read the story Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, about a girl who grows up with three goals: 1. to travel to far off places, 2. to live by the sea when she is old, and 3. to make the world more beautiful.  We also read Because Amelia Smiled, about how a little girl’s smile sets off a chain of good deeds.

We had a special visitor on Tuesday.  Lyn’s father, Roger Irwin, who is a nature and wildlife photographer, came in to talk about moose.  He showed us some moose pictures.  He talked about antlers and how they start growing in the spring, then fall off in the winter, and everyone had a chance to try to lift one up.  They are very heavy!  They also learned how the antlers act like an extra ear to help funnel in sound.  He demonstrated moose calls, both cows and bulls, which the children had fun practicing.  Did you know that a bull moose can hear a cow call from a mile away!? He also told us how a bull moose will create a wallow and pee in it then roll in it to attract a cow.  The children loved that information!  Then everyone got to smell some “moose pee” and decided that it was not particularly appealing.  We also got to smell the base of the antler, which smelled like evergreen trees, as moose will rub on them.  It was a fun and informational visit. learning about antlersIMG_5197 (2)listening with a moose antlerIMG_3840 (2)IMG_5218 (2)using his musclesdemonstrating a moose callchecking out the grooves where the veins wereIMG_5214 (2)smelling moose peesmelling the evergreen at the base of the antlerThank you card for Roger IrwinOn Wednesday we had our field day with an obstacle course.  The children had a lot fun hopping through hoops, jumping with sacks, throwing bean bags into buckets, walking a balance beam, crawling through a tunnel, hopping on a hoppy ball, spinning on a dizzy disk, kicking a kick ball, and playing toss.  Some children repeated the course over and over and over again. waiting for a turnobstacle courseIMG_3890 (2)jumping in a sackkicking the ballcatchZeanny came in for the final Spanish class on Wednesday, and she taught the students how to make tortillas, which they mixed, cooked, then ate together. tortilla fingerssmooshing it upmixing up the tortillasIMG_3924 (2)yummy!Thursday morning was busy making sure belongings were packed to go home, spending time with friends, dancing, and celebrating a final birthday.  We counted as the newest five-year old circled the candle sun with the globe, then we sang the “Happy Birthday” song before enjoying some tasty lemon cupcakes.
dancinghanding out scarvesIMG_5305 (2)IMG_3951 (2)eating cupcakesEveryone was anxious for our performance and graduation.  The students did an amazing job singing and doing their presentations about the people in our community.  It was hard to say goodbye.  It was such an incredible year and we so loved spending our days with your children.  We truly do have the best job in the world!  Thank you! Last day performance

6 June, 2016
by Lyn

Creeping & Crawling

caterpillars crawlingCaterpillars in camouflage were attempting to stay hidden, but sharp eyes were on the lookout all week, searching them out.  Caterpillar houses were constructed so the caterpillars could “hide” when they were not being held or crawling all over arms and shirts.  The pool construction seems to be on hold, but games of tag and baseball were still being played. caterpillarwhere is the june bug?building a wallchillin'sandboxIMG_3782 (2)construction timecatch!where did the caterpillars go?pitching and catchingdigginglined up to head into the playgroundAt the art table everyone had a great time creating colorful patterns and shapes with perler beads.  The children very carefully placed the plastic cylinders onto the shaped bases, then the teachers ironed over the top to melt them together.  It was a very popular activity! perler beadsperler bead shapesIMG_5082IMG_5090 (2)IMG_5093 (2)Most of the children also finished up their books about themselves.  It was a lot of fun chatting with each of them and helping them think through what they wanted to include.

A few more dragons were added to the flock, and they continued to be popular companions while children were working.
dragonsthe dragon ship and some goofy boysSue brought her collection of dragon figures to share, which she displayed for us and brought down to show around the circle so we could get a closer look.  Most are quite fragile, so we were very careful to take good care of them.
Sue's dragonsa tiny rider on the dragonWe continued to practice our songs for our performance and we read some fun stories, including Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like by, Jay Williams, Who Wants a Dragon by, James Mayhew and Underwear by, Mary Elise Monsell.
magnetic dress up dollsis this my pelvis?can you pick up a wash cloth with your feet back against the wall?IMG_5089 (2)holding hands & pullingWe were excited to have a visit from the Fire Truck on Tuesday with Zina and Stephen.  Everyone who wanted to got to go in and check things out.
exploring the fire truckheading home in the fire truckWhile Lyn was out on Thursday, the children had fun with Tammy and Sue.  The group went out early to enjoy the sunshine.  They played “Duck, Duck, Goose” together then everyone got their own bubble wands to make giant bubbles with.
IMG_5095 (2)IMG_5096 (2)IMG_5099 (2)IMG_5100 (2)IMG_5106 (2)dipping the bubble wandcool girlsbubble timea big one!On Friday for science Tammy and the students made and decorated paper kites with brown butcher paper and sticks.  They decorated them with butterflies and added tails with ribbons.  They were very fancy kites indeed! coloring on the kitesdecoratinggluing on the butterfliesadding tails to the kitesdecorating his kiteclayThe Doctor has arrived

28 May, 2016
by Lyn

Falling Blossoms

trading glassesThe petals from the apple blossoms have been sprinkling down, coating the grass in a layer of white.  Some of the children have ambitiously chased them down to capture in their hands.   There has been much energy and excitement in the classroom, and the weather has been so gloriously perfect, that we have been heading out early and staying out late to soak up as much fresh air and sunshine as possible.  Construction on the inground pool continues, and fill from the digging is being hauled over to replace that dug from the ditch under the fence.  We played lots of “word tag” games until we became too hot and tired.  We watered our flower garden daily, so most of our pansies are faring quite well, and many of our seedlings have sprouted.  We even enjoyed a couple of picnics, where we were visited by some rather daring chipmunks searching for dropped food. no shoesit's getting deeper!keeping the flowers wateredI'll catch you!checking on the gardenthirstydigging out the poolwhat's in the bucket?watering the flowersburriedChippy the chipmunk joins the picnicis the chipmunk down there?a spring picnic in the shadegetting a ridebuilding the bonfiretaking turnslooking at the toadcleaning up the bonfireOn Monday we used the power of the sun to create our art.  Each child placed objects or shaped clay on a black paper, then we set them all out in the sunshine for the day.  In the afternoon we brought them in and observed that the sun had faded the parts not blocked by an object, leaving a “shadow” of the shape. sun art

sun artdog shadowssun shadow artGerrie Scott came to read to us for the final time this year.  The students made her some thank you cards to show their appreciation.  She taught the students the song, “Ten Little Indians” and read the story, Ten Little Rabbits by Virginia Grossman. Thank you cards for GerrieTen Little RabbitsThis week every child began, and some have finished, a book called “My Book About Me.”  They drew pictures of their families, their friends, their favorite “things” and their favorite thing about Sunnybrook.  We had a lot of fun discussing all of their favorites and we learned a few things that we didn’t know about some of the children!  We are excited to share them with families on the last day of school. All About Me booksworking on our booksMy Book About Mewritinga quiet spot to workwriting and drawingThe sensory table started out with water, then, due to lack of interest, changed to pop-beads, which were quite popular.  There were some very well accessorized children at Sunnybrook! filling the water tablecleaning up the spillspop beadslots of braceletspopping togetherA request for dragons was made, which started a week’s worth of dragon adventures in dragon castle cities.
dragon city under constructionbuilding a castle for the dragondragon citydragon treasuredragons in the castleit's the rectangular prism!dragons and clayUS states mapearly morning snack storiesenjoying a puppet showpuzzle and letter workPlantsplay doughall of the cylinder blocksSouth AmericaPandasbowling subtractionartistsleaves and bead chainsfinishing up their reportsafternoon work timenumber scrollsafternoon quiet workfinishing up the hundred boardWe continue to practice our songs for the final performance – just one or two a day – as the children have them pretty well memorized.  We played some parachute games on Tuesday.  We read some fun new stories, including one with a unique sheep named Woolbur, who did things his own way, on Wednesday.  On Thursday we read all about the sun, the closest star, and how truly hot it is and even though it is really, really, far away, it is soooo much closer than any other star.  Then we learned about whole, half, and quarter notes and played instruments to the count of whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes.
playing whole notesFor Friday science we did some science art.  We used milk, dish detergent, and food coloring to make milk rainbows.  After pouring a thin layer of milk in a dish, we dropped food coloring on top, then dipped Q-tips in dish detergent and touched the food coloring with them.  The concept of why it does what it does is a bit beyond comprehension, but it was cool to watch nonetheless.  milk rainbowstouching the color with the soapy Q-tipmaking it swirlrainbowsound sortmaking a tigerclay with dragonsgood friendsStories we read: Our stories for the weekWoolbur by, Leslie Helakoski

I’d Really Like to Eat a Child by, Sylviane Donnio

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by, Mo Willems

The Sun: Our Nearest Star by, Franklin M. Branley

The Story of Ferdinand by, Munro Leaf

Plant a Kiss by, Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Living Sunlight by, Molly Bang & Penny Chisholm

Batter Up Wombat by, Helen Lester

Gusts and Gales by, Josepha Sherman

Step Gently Out by, Helen Frost

This is Not My Hat by, Jon Klassen




20 May, 2016
by Lyn

Sunshine and Pansies

planting pansiesYay for spring!  The trees are starting to bloom and it has turned to bare feet weather – our favorite kind.  Once again we have been taking advantage and spending as much time outside as possible.  There has been so much digging going on, made much easier with the use of three new shovels donated by the Randalls.  An emergency escape route has been completed, and a new in ground pool has been started.  We planted some pansies in our garden and sowed some flower seeds that will hopefully grow over the summer and into the fall.  There have also been lots of baseball games, biking, running, police and bad guys, and babies crawling around. digging to Happy Stardigging outthree stinky skunks spraying Lynfuture coconut farmerswhat's in the bucket?bare feet!escapees!sandysitting in the sanddigging out the new pool"and the diving board will go . . . "For Monday art we were introduced to comics.  We read some Calvin and Hobbes, and checked out several Garfield and other comics brought in by our resident comic artist.  We discussed how the storylines are usually rather brief and that they are often told through the conversation bubbles of the characters.  The children then created their own comics using paper that had rows of boxes.
cartoonists at workAt the art table this week the students made self-portraits.  We introduced the word “accuracy” and demonstrated how to use skin, hair, and eye colors that matched our own.  Many artists preferred to use their artistic license to create freely, as many famous artists have done in the past.  They will be displayed on the last day of school for all to see. self portraitsblack on graycousins paintingenjoying some yogurt from the Root Sellercontinent puzzle mapsmorning mat work"i" bookmini gearsspooning transferlocksWhat's up, Doc?gearsgeoboarddemonstrating the trinomial cubeall the dogspouring with a funnelDoctor Hcontainerssound sorthundred boardhundred boardtrinomial cubeplant careafternoon workgear creations"Harry Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy"walking the lineWe began to focus on the sun and its’ role in creating weather.  We read about the sun warming the air, earth, and water and how sunlight is necessary for all living things.  We read again about how sunlight is necessary for the process of photosynthesis, where plants create their own food, and how plants are the basis of the food chain.

Henrietta and Wolfgang and Foxy-Loxy shared an incident with the class when Henrietta called Wolfgang a mean name and he said he didn’t like it.  The class brainstormed some ideas about how Henrietta could respond to Wolfgang, and they had many helpful suggestions, such as offering a hug, apologizing, and offering a toy.  We then brainstormed what Foxy-Loxy’s role should be, and everyone agreed that Foxy-Loxy should stand up for Wolfgang and tell Henrietta that name calling is unkind and not to do it.

On Thursday we pulled out the parachute and the children chose three activities: Ring Around the Rosie, bounce the yarn balls, and Great White Shark/Crocodile.  They had a lot of fun and were so careful to keep the predator under the parachute safe by keeping their feet still. I am going to get eaten!Where is the Great White Shark?clay artworkcreating clay picturesclay artFriday students revisited shadows to continue with the theme of light.  We read several books about shadows and watched a video of a shadow puppet show of the Three Little Pigs.  We then cut out printed animal shadow puppets, or created our own, and then had a fabulous time taking turns performing and spectating.  The children enjoyed it so much that they spent the entire morning working together to perform some very entertaining stories.
The first duo to performMVI_3395"And the monster ate the princess"watching a shadow puppet performanceWe spent the rest of the day outside, having another picnic lunch, then bringing some afternoon reading and writing work out so we could continue to enjoy the sunshine.  We also played a new version of Duck, Duck, Goose, where a child would pick a word from the middle of the circle and read it or have help from friends to read it, then go around the circle tapping heads while saying each letter of the alphabet.  When they landed on the first letter of the word they read, that child would be the “goose” and get up to chase the reader around.  It was a lot of fun and very entertaining!
Friday afternoon outside workburiedsandy feetgetting a drink
Two new songs we learned this week:

Little Green Frog

Five Little Ducks

Stories we read:
IMG_3402 (2)
Inch by Inch – The Garden Song by, David Mallett

The Wind Blew by, Pat Hutchins

There’s Treasure Everywhere – A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by, Bill Watterson

Como se curan los dinosaurios? by, Jane Yolen Y Mark Teague

Zach Apologizes by, William Mulcahy

Light by, Jean-Pierre Verdet

Make Way for Ducklings by, Robert McCloskey

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by, Lynley Dodd

Shadow Chasers by, Elly MacKay

Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow by, Ann Tompert

What Makes a Shadow? By, Clyde Robert Bulia