Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

6 June, 2020
by Lyn

Good-bye Friends

A favorite song about friendship is the Girl Scouts song “Make New Friends.” We always sing this song at this time of year as we say goodbye and in the fall as we begin to meet new friends. I am so grateful for all the wonderful friendships that have been made at Sunnybrook over the years, and am so glad to know you all. Susan, Tammy, and I love spending our days with you and are so sad that we missed so much time together. You will always be part of the Sunnybrook family and we are thankful to know you!

Our friends this week welcomed a new sister, created a tasty meal, admired the blooming lilacs, studied the food chain and practiced writing, hung out with some goats and chickens, spent some time in the water, got lost in the balls, painted furniture, watered the plants, went for a ride, and caught some bubbles. We will miss all these smiling faces. Have a wonderful summer!

big sisterssmilesup close and personalvisiting baby goatsmaking bubbleswatering the gardenwatering the plantswhite nightstanda beautiful viewoutside playa boy and some ballsa tall carboys on the gocan you spot the girl among the trees and the chickensfloatingfood chainhanging with the chickenslilac seasonomnivoreparts of a plantpurple lilacsscooteringwhiskinga chef at workpad thai noodle dish

22 May, 2020
by Lyn

Spring Sunshine

Everyone was busy outside enjoying the sunshine! Painters, gardeners, fisher women, scientists, and artists took advantage of the weather. There were lots of water activities and outdoor adventuring.

balletflower artfrog eggsVisiting schooltoss from far and close upthe motorcycle sinkswatching the river from the back deckbalancingtable paintingsunscreen handprintssunscreen handprints and shadow measurementssplattersolar system and galaxy tablessoccer playerSnapseedsmiling in the sunshinesink or floatseed growth sequencerolling to addpuzzle timepollock paintingPlanets in orderhike_south pondhanging out with the foxgrowing beansgoldenfishingdrip dropJPGdigging in the dirtDid more sink or floatcorn holecareful coloringadding detaila beautiful messhand heartsRainbow!seaweed, rice, vegetable sushi rollsrolling sushiice cream seasondriving practice