Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

March 6th-March 9th

This week we started talking about the 5 Senses. We learned that we have five different senses that help us take in information about our environment. We read Hello Ocean which is a great story about a child who observes the ocean using all her 5 senses (touching the sand, tasting the salty water, hearing the waves, etc.) We enjoyed two sensory activities using our sense of touch. On Tuesday we taped down contact paper sticky side up and the children walked over it without their slippers. The children were very excited about this activity. We also took turns putting on a blindfold and matching fabrics by feeling the texture. This is an activity that remains on our sensory shelf and is a great material to help refine a child’s tactile sense.

Tammy has been teaching the children about the Iditarod race in Alaska. We are following a musher and monitoring the temperature at the checkpoints in Alaska compared to Lancaster. On Thursday morning we read a young children’s version of the book Balto.

Our Iditarod reading race has started! On Tuesday we will send home a form with 4 sled dogs on it. For every book your child reads (or has read to them) they may color in one sled dog. When the form in completed, return it to school and they will move to the next checkpoint on the Iditarod route (we have a map in the classroom). We are hoping all our mushers (readers) make it to Nome, Alaska. Extra forms will be kept on the top of cubbies.

The play yard in muddy and WET. Please make sure your child has an extra outfit at school since we’ve discovered most of the snow pants are not waterproof. Please know your children are having a great time making mud pies and splashing in the puddles. Sorry about all the extra laundry you are probably having to do.

Wednesday, March 14th: Show and Tell please bring in one item that demonstrates one of the five senses.

Thursday, March 15th: The Cat in the Hat from Believe in Books will visit!

If you did not return the pre-registration form please do so as soon as possible

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