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Endings and Beginnings

This final week was bittersweet. With the excitement and joy around the arrival of summer and the struggle with moving on for many, emotions and energy were up and down, with lots of hugs and snuggles, some tears, and lots of laughter and excitement. In the busyness of wrapping up work projects and getting in as much last minute reading as possible, we tried to do some slowing down. The children’s love of Legos pulled them in as they constructed their final projects, collecting all the “best” pieces for their armories, bedrooms, homes, and vehicles. They were generous and caring, inviting others to share their creations. When the restlessness arrived, we took it outside where they ran and dug and pedaled and worked.

South Americaafternoon Kindergarten workletter sound booksthings that begin with swhat happened with the salt in the water when the water evaporated?working on her bee postersI Love Slop!coloring bee masksthree roomsLego housewater color paintingcoloring and listening to storiesReading MacLego playherself as a kittyletter sound drawerstesting all the keys to open the locksreading about piratesa pizza lunch from Kayenjoying tasty pizzarollingLego construction crewthe armoryreading a book about Mainemore Piggie and Geraldart & finishing up gluing her bee making honey poster

What is this creepy crawly thing we found?filling bucketshard at work scraping paintcurled upmixing mudWhat might be brewing in there?all in the tunnelhanging in their sled housebuilding a shelterbirds in a nestgetting waterwater to cool offworking on filling the hole back insetting up in case we have to perform outsideblowing mudgetting right into itfollowing the road

We released our White Admiral butterfly, who despite his injured wing eventually flew off after circling around us for several minutes, landing on a few of the children. They were so careful to refrain from touching it, holding very still and keeping their hands down. We watched it for quite a while as it flew around our playground before finally disappearing, off to find flowers for sustenance.

releasing the butterflyholding very stillIt thinks I'm a flower

Monday students were introduced to the artist Jackson Pollock, who used various tools to dribble, drip, and splatter house paint over enormous canvases. The children took to their paints with concentration and flair, dripping, flicking, and dropping colors onto their papers. Some transitioned into finger-painting, making it a full sensory experience.

pink dropsartists at worksplatter linesred scribblesfeeling gray todayflicksplitter splatter

Our final sign language lesson with Rose started off with a Piggie and Gerald story then ended with an alphabet game. We went through the alphabet, choosing and signing a word for each letter, signing them all from beginning to end each time. We signed apple for a, then apple and bat for b, then apple, bat, cat for c, etc., all the way through vacuum, whale, xylophone, (and y and z, which I can’t remember). Some of the children remembered all the signs, signing right along with Rose the whole time. Thank you, Rose, for all you have taught us and all the fun we had together this year!

Good Lucka appleb batg gorillah horsei icecreamo octopusq queens snakeCan you guess what U is for?v vacuum

The children worked hard rehearsing on the stage each day for their end of year presentation, and when the big day came, they nailed it! They initiated this presentation several months ago when the first bee of the season arrived and two students formed the Bee Patrol and began recruiting members. Their mission was to SAVE BEES! They determined that rather than putting bee killers in jail, it would be best to educate people, just as they had been. The children spent months questioning, researching, preparing, and practicing so they could inform everyone about why it is important to save bees. They did an amazing job and I am confident that everyone in the audience will now be careful to not harm bees.

Happy busy beesDon't Kill Bees (with guns)

Thank you for sharing your children with us! We wish everyone a smooth transition into the summer and on to their educational journey next year, wherever that may be, Sunnybrook or otherwise. Michelle and Makenna are looking forward to seeing those who are returning in the fall, and I hope I get to see you all at the Whitefield Public Library! It has been an amazing ten years. Sunnybrook and all of the children and families will always own a piece of my heart. Thank you all so much!

Have a wonderful summer!

Class photo (minus 2 students who were out)
Sunnybrook Students 2021-2022

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