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Henri Matisse is known both for the paintings he made in his early years and the cut out paper art later in life, particularly the well known piece “Le Garbe.” We read The Iridescence of Birds and Henri’s Scissors, about his youth and early love of art inspired by his mother, and the end of his life when he began to create paper cut outs. The students then got busy cutting and pasting to create their own paper cut out art pieces.

blue and greensmall shapesred rectanglescutting and pastingpink and purple shapescutting gray shapesPaper cut out art

Rose began sign language with the alphabet song while a student pointed to each letter as we sang it. She read the Piggy and Gerald book There’s a Bird on My Head, which was quite hilarious. Rose then introduced signs for parts of the body, including head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, heart, legs, knees, and toes. We then sang and signed “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”


Students have been particularly creative in their fort, castle, and hide-out block constructions this week. We brought a large piece of cardboard in for a roof, as they really needed some protection from the elements and spying eyes.

cozy insidea very cool castleAnother castle under construction

Driving the bulldozer and the excavatorsetting up Don't Break the IceMore Don't Break the IcePlaydoughmatryoshkapouring workAa itemssteel drumletter sound work, mad libs, and the human heartSequencing workgiving her patient an injectionletter sound workshowing a friend how to hold and strum his guitarwater tablethe guitar instructorhoning fine motor skillspurplecylinder blockstrinomial cubeall the cylinder blockshammeringcoloring

We sang, read, and acted out several animal stories before refreshing our memories about which characteristics make different animals a reptile, bird, or mammal, then the children took turns selecting animals and sorting them by which class they belong to.

What do you do with a sleeping Liza?arching like a catreptiles, birds, mammals

Makenna brought Ukelarry to school and the children had so much fun listening and singing along to “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree,” “In the Jungle,” “Five Green and Speckled Frogs,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and “Banana Fanna.”

Banana Fanna Fo Fanna, Me My Mo MannaMakenna singing

The weather was pretty crazy with ups and downs, from single digits then into the fifties and back to a frozen ice land, we had quite the weather ride this week!

muddy messsled trainhauling snowmixing mudstanding sleddingzooming down the hillwatching the water drainhigh waterwatching the water flowshoveling watertracking a small green boat down the streamsnow surfingwater meltcollecting watercooling off, but still surrounded by watertea is served

scooping up some liquidmaple sugaringPapa Bear's porridge, Mama Bear's porridge, and Baby Bear's porridgesmashing ice

breaking ice with a hammer

Kindergarten students did some reading, sight word roll to the top, hundred board building and writing, and other literacy and math work of their choosing. They were introduced to adjectives and created some silly sentences before drawing a picture and writing a descriptive sentence about it. To wrap up the week they invited younger students to join them for a pirate treasure hunt. Each team had a tracking sheet where they would document their loot, adding up the gems and coins in their treasure boxes. Each team also had a map to mark where their treasures were hidden. They took turns plundering the big treasure box, placing the treasure in their own treasure chests, hiding them, and marking where they were hidden on their map. Their partners then used the map to find the treasure, bring it back, and add up and document their plundered loot.

sight word worksight word roll to the topreading time100 board and roll to the tophundred board writing and pirate ship drawingsight word roll to the toppointing to numberspicking a verbbattle robots and a blue narwhalA strong knight fighting.adding up the pirate treasuretaking out the gems and coinsgems and coinsadding upArgh!  We pirates found the treasure!plundering the treasure boxso many gemsdoing some mathfinding where the treasure is hidden


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