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I Can Do It!

For art Monday students who were interested did body tracings on large paper then colored them in to match themselves.

green faceflying ponytailblue slippersred lipsdetailscoloring with Makenna

During sign language with Rose we reviewed the alphabet and took turns finding alphabet signs in the ASL alphabet caterpillar on the wall. Rose read and signed the Piggy and Gerald story Can I Play, Too? by Mo Willems, which is an all-time favorite and brought lots of laughs. Upon request we sang and signed The Green Grass Grows All Around.

xIMG_1041 (2)kYES!ha ha ha ha ha hasnakethe BIRD in the nest

Makenna introduced self talk. She demonstrated and invited the children to do some superhero stretches with her, then introduced negative (shadow) talk and positive (superhero) talk. She asked the children ways that they can change negative/shadow talk to positive/superhero talk, and the children shared some suggestions, such as “I can do it!” and “I will give it a try!” We then did some more superhero stretches, bending over then moving up into a flying stance, crouching down then exploding up big like the Hulk, and pulling back a bow and arrow like Falcon.

bend down and touch your toessuperhero stretchrising up into the Hulkgetting bigger and bigger like the Hulk

We continued our study of mammals, who are covered in hair, including fur or wool. We read The Hat by Jan Brett, about the animals who take all the woolen clothes off the line and use them as hats. The children shared that wool comes from sheep, so we watched short videos of a sheep being shorn, the wool being trimmed, then carded, then spun into yarn.

A Tisket, A Tasket, a green and yellow basketI wrote a letter to a friend, and on the way I dropped itDoctor, Doctoroperatingbuilding Lego dinosaurs with Rosesnowmobilesusing the Lego three wheeler to make paint tracksthe clean up crewsoapy waterscrubbing up all the peoplea groundhog sees his shadowfinger addition with Makennasnacktime

Children used spray bottles filled with colored water to decorate the snow.

filling spray bottles and labeling themgreen snowred and orangecoloring the stumps green and orangegreen dropssquirt squirtcooking in the kitchenchattingpulling teamenjoying the warmer dayshoveling up treasuretelling storiespirates walking the plankhaving fun with the parachute

We took turns in the body socks to stretch and push and move, enjoying the resistance.

lumpsstretching out

Kindergarten students did some surveying. They wrote down their two favorite foods, then surveyed all the children in the classroom about which of the two items they each preferred. They then added up the responses to see the results. We revisited the NOUN, which is a person, place, or thing – so something you can touch (mostly), and we introduced the VERB, which is something that you do. We went outside to get familiar with verbs. The children took turns selecting a verb from the stack and then moving in that way. They walked, ran, hopped, skipped, moseyd, crawled, etc. all over the playground.

strawberries or apples?ice cream or italian ice?pickle ice cream or strawberry ice cream?ice cream or banana?asking their preferencepancakes or chocolate?cucumbers or radishes?moseyingstompingcrawling on elbowsDot and Mit sit on a mat.Mac had the ham.

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