Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

First Week

We spent our first week becoming familiar with the classroom, new friends, the routines, schedule, and expectations. There were so many new things to do and see! As we get into the year we will continue familiarizing ourselves with the environment and work on building and navigating relationships through targeted group and individual lessons and conversations. Some interactions and routines students began to practice were how to get a teachers attention when she is talking to another student (setting a hand on her shoulder), how to get another students attention when you have something to say (saying their name and maybe a gentle touch), how to show someone you are listening (looking at their face), how to take turns (asking, “May I have a turn when you are done?”), how to take out a mat and work and set it up, how to set up snack and lunch, how to line up and go outside safely, and how to respect others work by walking around their work mats.

a yellow caterpillar curled around grassslugbiking girlmatching heads and tails (much harder than one would think!)matching words to pictureshave to take a phone callteamwork to build a houselots of redstatuesall but one statues in hidingbasketball linecooking in the sheltermud soupsled trainmaking pieclimberstoastcleaning up the kitchenflower gardensmagnet pictures of a playground with all the toys and a houseplaydough mountaindice addition

We celebrated two birthdays. Our first friend introduced the Montessori Birthday Celebration by holding the globe and walking around the sun five times, once for each year she has been alive, while we counted her orbits and listed the seasons. She shared gold, purple, teal, and white mermaid cake pops with everyone.

orbiting the sun5 years old!mermaid cake pops

Our second birthday girl was so excited to celebrate her day! She carefully held the globe and orbited the sun four times before we serenaded her with the Happy Birthday song. We enjoyed the pink cupcakes with blue frosting she baked as an after lunch treat, some of us getting blue from nose to chin in our endeavors to gobble them up.

Summer, winter, spring, fallI'm 4!blue frosted cupcakes

We were introduced to a variety of percussion instruments and took turns playing various drums, rain sticks, maracas, guiros, etc.

dancing and playing the frog guirosteel tongue drum and thumb pianossteel drum and rain stick

During Friday science we discussed planet Earth, where we live, and that it is make up of land/earth (rock, soil, etc.), water, and air. We felt the sandpaper globe and found the rough spots of land and the smooth blue water. We then used the land, air, water mat to identify and place animals by where they travel and live.

cutting and gluingplant cleaning

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