Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country


Using black pastels and blue, purple, orange, and yellow liquid watercolors, Monday students created beautiful sunset pictures on mat board.

yellows and orangesevening silhouettes and sunsetstrees in the eveningblue, orange, pink above black

We read through the story the Sunnybrook students wrote, titled Woodland Stone Soup, and each child chose a page to illustrate. They worked so carefully drawing the animals and coloring them just the right colors. We are excited to send a copy home with each child next week. It is such a fantastically beautiful book!

illustratingdrawing raccoons, chipmunks, bunnies and bearsthree raccoonsthe chickadee shares some seedsfinishing up the illustrations

The story This is the Jacket I Wear In The Snow served as an introduction to dressing for winter weather. We talked about all the layers the child in the story wore, and all the layers we are wearing to keep ourselves warm.

fire drill line up13how many ones?sorting and organizing10's and 1'sCrown, branches, trunk and roots, trunk and rootsbranchesmaking musicmud mixdancing to the rhythmthe alligator marchfilling the tunnelhauling stuffthree locked doorsbead barscareful cuttingoppositesa snow and woodchip moundfast asleepchattingbreaking through the sand blocktap, tap, tappingcollectionsmini snowballpulling and pushing the princessWant to try some?raking and scooping snowplowingWill metal break the ice?blue and purple swirlsThey discovered that they had matching LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shirts and matching gold glitter shirtsmixing up ingredientsbusytaking Michelle for a ridemixing and rockingconstructing a helicoptercollecting supplies for the helicopterloading upteamworkcontinuing assemblyin their seatsadding a roofcooking while relaxingchefs in the kitchenteeter tottermaking a map to follow to find the flowersall lined up to put away the toysRow, row, row, row, row! Row your pirate ship!If you walk down the plank, you might go for a dip!KERSPLASH!

During sign language with Rose all the girls in the class were given or chose name signs. Many of the name signs are the letter of the first name formed by the chin, where the sign for girl is made. Some students share a first letter with others, so they chose different ways to sign their names. We practiced the teacher’s signs and boy’s signs, then sang and signed the alphabet songs.

U, VWhose name begins with O?The name sign for a girl whose name begins with MA girl whose name begins with HWhose name begins with W?

We had fun playing Simon Dice (Simon Says) again in Spanish. Zeanny tried really hard to trick us, and we tried really hard to listen and only do the actions when she said Simon Dice, but she was really good at catching us move when she didn’t say it. She read the story Mortimer, about a boy who goes to bed and is supposed to be quiet, but keeps singing very loudly. We chose colored egg shakers, naming the color in Spanish, then used them to make some music and rhythms, following Zeanny’s lead.

felizSimon Dice nadarMortimer

Kindergarteners had fun celebrating the 50th day of school playing lots of fun games. They skip counted by fives and tens to fifty while playing musical stumps, count and freeze, and red light, green light. They worked on their letter books and illustrated their pages from Woodland Stone Soup using their new individual desks.

fawn, fox, fir, forestrunning in the snowfreeze on 505, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 . . .round and round we go50!daffodilsbeesfox, ferns, feathersgrass, granite, grapevinefawn and forest

Friday students continued to study liquids by combining water with solids to see if they would create a solution, where the solid dissolved in the liquid, or a mixture, where they mixed but did not dissolve. They tested out baking soda, cocoa, flour, cream of tartar, cinnamon, salt, sugar, pepper, and corn starch. They easily identified the three solids that dissolved to create a solution. See if you can tell which ones dissolved from the photo below.

mixing baking soda with watershaking the flour and watertesting out pepper, cream of tartar, and corn starch with watershaking it upmixtures and solutions, can you tell which are which?

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