Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Mixin’ it up at HOME

Sunnybrook students have been busy searching for spring, keeping the house clean and tidy, creating snow castles and people, exploring in the woods, baking bread and muffins, mixing up treats, play dough, and slime, doing lots of art projects, being READ to (I hope), and taking advantage of the beautiful warm sunny days and freshly fallen snow! Check out what everyone has been up to this week!

mixing muffinsdropping in the muffinsoutdoor classroomcreating an outdoor play spacecooking up some blue playdoughblue cupcakes with fancy toppingscupcake turned panda jailpattern blocks on his work matElsa's path through the forestoutdoor collection artyoga timeFinding spring!Kneading emergency breadEmergency bread is nice and densewashing the tableweaving on a loomblue & green stripesfancy stripespurple stripesa bad case of stripescastle contructiondecorating the castleadding colormud and snowhidinga family walkspreading cattail seedsworking on his computer like dadbear tracks near R's footbear teeth on sugar maple_bear was enjoying maple sapbirthday boybuilt a bird housedigging in the snowbankmixing up some slimefun with pink slimesmells yummy!measuring and pouring ingredientsmixing up the granolamonster truck trainmy size snowmansnowman with a rainbow scarfsnowmanmini snowmanrolling a giant snowballthe biggest snowman ever!fancy snowmansnow angelsburied alive!sistars hard at workrolling beadsnewspaper beadsthe finished producttape roadssorting and counting beadsvolcano

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