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Cookies and Pajamas

Our two days before winter break were much anticipated. On Monday the children measured, poured, stirred, whisked, mixed, and blended up some butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour, etc. to make sugar cookie dough.  It was left to refrigerate for a couple hours, then taken out, rolled flat, and cut into shapes. The children also sifted and mixed the icing for decorating, adding colors and stirring them up.buttereggsvanillablendflourcombine and siftrolling out the doughcutting out the peoplegravity mazeplay doughcuttingan important callhammeringTuesday was the most anticipated day of the entire year – PAJAMA DAY!  Children arrived in snow man pajamas, spider man pajamas, dinosaur pajamas, striped, polka dotted, and plain pajamas.  It was gloriously cozy and fun.  They had a variety of activities to choose from, the most popular being the bouncy house brought in and inflated by Ian Schulte.  There were lines of children waiting for turns all day, and it was occupied from 7AM – 4:30PM, when we finally deflated it.  Thank you so much, Ian!  The children had a most wonderful time!in the bouncy housetumbling aroundtaking turnswaiting to use the bouncy houseIMG_8836 (2)Now you bounce meCookies were decorated . . .cookie paintinglots of colorsred and bluecareful workGlitter jars were filled with clear glue, glitter glue, glitter, and water to shake and watch settle (except when a bit TOO much glitter and glue were added) . . .choosing the glitterpink and goldso many colorsWe popped popcorn, made creamy hot chocolate, and ate it all up with our cookies.POPCORN!snack timea green cookiesweeping upwashing the tableWe took out the big drum and placed felt balls on top, then took turns narrating stories that the drummers followed, gradually getting louder and louder until all the balls were bounced off the drum.  We told rain storm stories, starting out with a pitter patter of rain and ending in a thunderstorm.  There were unicorns and moose tip-toeing, walking, then running stories.  There were stomping bear stories, and through it all, lots of drumming, laughing, and smiles.pitter patter comes the rainraining cats and dogsthunder and lightningbouncing so highunicorn tip-toeunicorn gallopingWe finally settled down for some stories at the end of the morning, then after lunch snuggled under the tent for a quiet afternoon of even more stories. How the Grinch Stole Christmaslistening to storiesThose Darn Squirrelsstories under the tentTo end the day, the children engaged in an indoor “snowball” (yarnball) fight. So much fun!   It was truly the most magnificent day of the year!yarn ball fightgrab the balls

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