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Witches on Switches

a witch with her rakeWhat a witchy week we had!  Witches on broomsticks were soaring around the playground, cackling delightedly as they flew through the leaves, past the potion makers, and between the balancers.collecting ingredientspass the ballOff they go!Lots of potionsbalancerolling and rockingFlying arounda hat that is blacktandem flyingMonday artists studied the Swiss German artist Paul Klee (pronounced Klay), whose colorful surrealist artwork made use of lines and shape.  We examined many of his most famous works, including Fish Magic, Cat and Bird, Twittering Machine, and Fire Evening.  We used Castle and Sun as the inspiration for our colorful shape art, creating works titled Fish in the Sea, Daddy’s Bed, The castle and the Hungry Caterpillar, etc.
circle, square, trianglePaul Klee ArtPaul Klee artthe castle and the hungry caterpillara green pillowfish in the seaIn celebration of Halloween, we read lots of Halloween stories, including Room on the Broom, Inside a House that is Haunted, Halloween, and The Little Old Lady who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and sang our Halloween songs; The Ghost of John, Stirring Our Brew, and Five Little Pumpkins.  We also did the Hokey Pokey using the names of the bones in our skeleton – the phalanges, patella, pelvis, ribs, vertebrae, clavicle, scapula, and skull.
walkie talkie timeHow do you spell hummingbird?pop it in the ovendrumming boysfuture architectsbead transfer with tweezersplay dough bakeryspooning buttonsmodern art magnatile buildingsKNEXstories with Lisaspooning seed beadsHalloween afternoon play dough1000 additionjournal writingHow is the patient today?binomial cubemarble runtransfer workdice additionpeg board countingN, Ebaking in the ovena multi-purpose play dough tooldice additionOn Halloween day the children who chose to do so arrived in costume and celebrated with a variety of Halloween themed activities.  They tossed worms and rats into a cauldron, made loud sounds by running over bubble-wrap, got bare feet stuck on sticky paper, scooped seeds and pulp out of a pumpkin, created jack-o-lantern faces.  We had fun mixing potions (the most desired activity of the day) with Lyn’s mom, Suzy, who came to spend soand me time with us.adding some purple slimebubble, bubble, toil, and troublea serene pumpkinworms and brown gooworm and rat tosssticky witchsocks and shoesstickingpotion ingredientsstick, stuckground up dragon scalespop, pop, popgreen slimeBubbling overcrushed toadstoolsdragon droolsnap, crackle, popsticky feetglub, glub, glubMr. Bond came to hang the bird-feeders with us.  The children went out with their group to fill the feeders with seed then hang them from the tree.  The children helped hold the rope while Mr. Bond raised the feeders, then we all stood back to help decide when it was level.  We noticed that there were seeds on the ground under the feeders on Thursday, and discovered a hair on the feeder, which we determined was from a squirrel rather than a bird.  We are hoping for some birds to come before the squirrels make off with all the food!
taking turnshold on tightIs it level?pour it inadding some bird foodPull!We finished our morning off enjoying all the tasty snacks that families sent in, then ran off all our energy on the playground.  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed a treat!so many tasty snacks!fruit kabobs and cupcakesfinishing up our snacksThursday morning Zeanny introduced the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos (The Day of the Dead).  We watched a short clip from the film Coco, then Zeanny showed us how to make Papel picado garlands by folding and cutting tissue paper.  She told us about sugar skulls and showed how they are decorated with flowers and bright patterns.  The children then had the opportunity to make their own papel picado garlands and create a colorful sugar skull mask.cutting the shapesPapel picadodecorating a sugar skullgreysugar skull with a red nosecutting Papel picadoDuring music with Susan, she introduced the glockenspiel, which the children will get to play for the winter performance.  We then ordered the hand bells from low to high, taking turns ringing and comparing them to put them on the scale where they belong.  Some good listening was required to determine which were higher and lower!the glockenspeilwhere does it go in the scale?comparing the bellshigher or lower?For Friday science Susan introduced the four cardinal directions (North, South, West, East) and the use of a compass rose.  She explained that a compass will always point North, as our Earth is a giant magnet.  They played a game where they took turns with the compass and friends moved to different coordinates, then they had fun exploring with magnets.magnetsholding the compass and standing on EastPointing NorthStanding in the Westmagnets and paperclipsmagnet on the baseboardpaperclips on a magnet

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