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Spooks and Soups

muddy faceRain brought puddles and mud, which made for some messy days, but lots of wet fun.
a giant puddlerunning through the puddlebig jumpgetting wetthe fastest leopard cheetah evera long bridge to crossbouncing ballshop & crawldriving the dump truckmoving the balance beamdumping his load of sandon the movedigging in the sandhanging aroundhouse constructionscooping out the mudjump!mud soupFor Monday art the artist Paul Klee was introduced, and his use of shapes in his work Castle and Sun.  The children created their own works of art by gluing shapes into patterns to display in our gallery.
Paul Klee shape artsix circlesgluing shapesPaul Klee art galleryFor Halloween fun the children decorated a Halloween House,
decorating the Halloween Housecutting decorations for the Halloween HouseHalloween House crewplayed pin the hat on the cat,
pin the hat on the cathats on the catglued on eyeballs and colored skulls and spiders,
halloween artspider eyesmixed potions and brews,
potion mixingbubble, bubblestirring his brewpotion mixturepotions overflowingand made glittery slime,
making slimeadding glitter glue for slimeslime!mixing slimelots of slimeorange slimebefore enjoying the many, many snacks and treats.
Party snacksThe Stone Soup story was introduced.  Throughout the month of November we will read several versions, which we will compare and contrast.  We discussed main character, setting, plot, feeling of the characters, and the problem or challenge and how it is overcome.

The children got to work constructing and flying the classroom airplane.  They had great fun taking turns being the co-pilots, passengers, and attendants.
waiting to board the planeBirds were introduced with several stories, including About Birds, and the children identified the characteristics of birds, such as having feathers, a beak, two wings, a tail, laying eggs, and usually building a nest.  They then did an animal sort, deciding whether their animal was an insect, arachnid, or bird, often counting legs to determine in which category it belonged.
bristle blockscylinder blocks5 triangle designs from various countriesplacing the cylinder blocksmorning mat workcuttingstanding in the circlepatternscreative constructiontracing birdsnesting dollsFor music Susan continued to work on the various musical terms.
music with SusanMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanFriday for science the children continued their study of birds with Tammy and Susan, discussing feathers and wings.  They measured and cut out large life size models of wings for a variety of birds, from a hummingbird to a bald eagle.
measuring wings

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