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Soup From a Stone

The cold air kept us moving outside to stay warm.  Susan and some friends taught us some new games, which the children had a wonderful time playing together, including Red Light, Green Light and What Time is It?
red light, green lightDinnertime!digging sandThe familygiving a friend a ridesled trainThe much anticipated Stone Soup week finally arrived.  The children were anticipating and busy preparing for our feast.
Stone soupreading with Susanexchanging pennies, dimes, & dollarspattern matchcaterpillarsthe bird buildingwriting ticketsreading with Tricialetter sound gameFor art on Monday students learned how to make pinch pots and coiled pots out of clay.  They used their fingers to roll balls, then push in and pinch around to make the pot, or roll a long snake then coil it around into a pot.  They have set them out to dry for painting next week.making pinch potsher pinch pota coil pot out of clayWashing, cutting, and preparing ingredients for stone soup began after art on Monday, and continued Tuesday morning.  The children washed, peeled, chopped, pressed and/or snapped carrots, potatoes, celery, sweet potato, mushrooms, onions, green beans, garlic, and broccoli.  On Wednesday morning they helped to open cans and bags of broth, corn, peas, beans, broccoli, and noodles, adding them to the soup when it was time.
cutting up carrotspeeling the sweet potatocarrot peelingcutting carrot sliceschopping carrotseven more carrotswashing off the mushroomspreparing ingredientscarefully peeling a potatocutting potato chunkscarrots and potatoeschop chopThe Armstrong family sent in a fun turkey story and art project, which the children loved doing!  After reading the story, the children followed the instructions that came with their set, sticking together the foam body, wings, legs, head, etc. to build their very own turkey character.
a big green turkeyturkey artOn Stone Soup day the children were anxious for our feast.  After reading Look and Be Grateful by Tomie De Poala we talked about the things that we are grateful for.  We read The Loud Book and The Quiet Book, then we closed our eyes and listened to the singing bowl.  When we could no longer hear it vibrating, we silently placed our hands on our heads.  We did it several times, listening as closely as we could to hear it as long as possible.
listening for silenceWe introduced the Thankful Tree, where children could draw a picture on a leaf to hang on the tree, or tell Tricia what they are thankful for, which she would write on a leaf for the student to hang on the tree.
What are you thankful for?writing what we are thankful for with TriciaI am thankful . . .the Thankful TreeMany children helped to make butter.  Heavy cream was poured into two jars, and the children and teachers took turns shaking throughout the morning, until finally a ball of butter was formed, which was rinsed in cold water and sprinkled with salt before being refrigerated to wait for soup time.
making buttershaking the creamshake it upMany children also helped to make biscuits.  They took turns measuring, adding, and mixing together flour, salt, baking powder, butter, and milk, then rolling out and cutting the biscuits, which they placed in pans to bake.
biscuit makingmixing in the butterusing hands to blend in the butterworking as a teampea size chunkscutting out the biscuitsAfter arranging and washing tables and chairs, Susan read stories while soup was ladled into bowls, cider was poured into cups, and napkins were set out.  Finally families arrived, and everyone enjoyed soup, crackers, bread and biscuits with butter, and cider.  It was wonderful to have so many family members join us for our stone soup feast!
crackers and soupStone Soup timeenjoying stone soup and biscuitsfinishing upbuttering the bread

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