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Wrapping Up

We had some rain that kept us inside Tuesday, but then the summer weather finally returned for a few days and we enjoyed it to the fullest!  Caterpillar hunts continued, games of tag commenced, and we made some giant bubbles with homemade bubble solution and bubble wands.  We even enjoyed an outdoor picnic on Thursday for lunch.
reptanglesindoor recess activitiesbristle blocks and magnatile construction teamknexplaymobilebristle block creaturegoing on an adventuresummer sleddingbubblesbubble filmmaking bubblesdipping ingetting solution on our wandsmaking bubblescatch the bubbleblow!left over bubblesIMG_9152 (2)listening to stories while taking turns hand washingoutdoor picnicFor art, the children were introduced to the artist Jackson Pollock, who is famous for his drip and splatter paintings.  The children had a most wonderful time creating their own Pollockesque works of art, which we will display on the last day.  They are quite colorful and fun and making them was even more so!
preparing the paintsPollock paintingbluedrippingdrip droppingsplatterIMG_8920 (2) - Copy - Copy - Copypainting dancegetting messybig splatterscleaning up a friend after paintingstarting outdrip dropartists in processsplattersome seriously cool artzombie handsAt the art-table we also made painted paper strip collages using old unclaimed paintings cut into pieces, which the children glued onto paper in their own designs.
painted paper collagespainted strip collageWe spent some time Tuesday morning as a group drawing self-portraits, family portraits, and pictures of our friends for individual books that each child will receive as a memento.
working on our "about me" booksself portraits, family portraits, and friend portraitsdrawing her family portraithis familylabeling his familymy houseWe brought out beads for friendship bracelets on Thursday, and many children created bracelets for their friends as we begin to say goodbye.
friendship braceletsMuch of our group times were occupied with practicing for our last day presentation.  The children were very patient while the Friday students introduced each continent and we sang the two songs for each.  This is the most extensive program we have taken on, with 15 songs in total!  They truly have worked hard to prepare.
polygon bookspolice on the waybuilding with blocksvery fine finger worksetting up the doll houseroads and an animal penstories with SusanBoggle and picture of my friendsteen boardtransfer worka black bear next to three treestree block animal forestbuilding wordsso proud of her block structure!placing cylindersemergency personnelLegosdinosaur puzzlebutterfly transfer workcuttingnesting penguinspolygon books and drawingpenguin habitatdrawing and writingthe garagesome stories from the weekFriday students had “the best day ever” making slime for science with glue, glitter, food coloring, and liquid starch.  Some of the students chose to mix it and be done, while others played with it all day long.  There was pink glitter slime, dark green glitter slime, light blue slime, white slime with silver glitter, purple glitter slime, and light green slime.  (I have heard that it if gets into the carpet, vinegar will dissolve it, though I have not attempted this myself).
combining ingredientsmixing slimestirring it upplaying with the slime

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