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Who Are You?

In the past I have mentioned temperament, and how we are all born with individual temperaments.  As well as temperament, we each also have our own personality styles.  This includes things such as how you learn, what your aptitudes are, what motivates you, how social you are, etc. – in general, what type of person are you?  There are many “tests” out there which can help you better understand who you are.  Knowing yourself is key to understanding others and how you and they think, work, communicate, and socialize.  As a teacher, it is helpful to also know these things about students, and as a parent, about your children.

There are color tests, the Meyers-Briggs, the Enneagram, and multiple others – some free, and others quite pricey.  There is even a book you can purchase that helps you determine your strengths, called Strengthsfinder.   Try out the color test to start (it is fast, easy, and free), and after you have analyzed yourself, think about your child.  What king of person is he/she?

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