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Gulp! Chomp!

friendsThe wacky weather was at work once again!  We went from snow pants to T-shirts in a few days.  We sure enjoyed the warmer temperatures, and took advantage by spending as much time outside as possible.  There were several construction projects on site, from brick and mortar walls to city skyscrapers.  We were visited by the superheroes Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, and Black Widow, who enjoyed showing off their strength and skills.  There were lots of running games, bike riding, digging, making mud soup, and vampires as well. mixingbuilding the aquariumwith a little help from friendsbrick and mortarwalking the blocksfire turned teepeesky scrapersThe Hulk and Thor showing off their strengthall the energya collection of kids on a castlebark in a pothome sweet homechecking out the flock of birds in the tree with the binocularsThe Monday students marbled paper for art by squeezing paint drops on water, swirling it, then gently laying their paper on top to print.  They made some truly beautiful pieces.
dropping the paint on watersetting the paper to printta da!Timelines were introduced on Tuesday, and many children made season timelines with pictures of winter, spring, summer, and fall. winter, spring, summerseason timelinesmaking a monstrou and season time linesThe sensory table was once again busy with lots of children strengthening those fine motor skills and their imaginations building a variety of creations out of Knex.
Knex!yellow spokesbuilding with knexWe continued to discuss seasons and plants.  We pretended to be trees with our feet as roots, our bodies as the trunks/stems, and our arms out as branches with leaves.  We learned that plants, unlike animals, produce their own food using sunlight.  We very gently pulled a spider plant from its’ pot and shook the dirt from the roots so we could examine all of the parts. metal insets & "i" words"u" word readingcoin sortingnumber scrollla caja magicapouring into a funnelpractical life workplay doughupper and lowercase letter matchteen boardgetting the pattern with the number scrollsthe tri-nomial cubeUnited States puzzle mapnumber memorya big buildingwritingintroducing new lettersafternoon art and writing workclean up teamclay for strong fingersring around the rosiereading timegreen play doughplaying the log cabingeo boardnumber scroll workThe ocean theme also continued.  A student brought in her shells and sea stars to share with the class. The children enjoyed some videos with Sue of a puffer fish puffing up when he felt threatened, then deflating when he felt safe, a giant octopus capturing and eating a shark, and an angler fish with his light lure hanging from his head.  They shared what they learned during circle time with all of the other students.
showing shells and sea starsthe angler fishshells, beach sand, sea star1000 things to spot in the seacounting fishafternoon worksea animal sortcounting the objects in the mystery number boxpracticing belly breathingWe played some parachute games, including a new one called “Great White Shark,” where everyone keeps their feet very, very still under the parachute, and a great white shark swims around underneath until it “eats” someone by pulling on their feet.  That person then becomes the great white shark and “eats” someone else.  The children were so very careful to keep their feet still to make sure the “shark” was safe in the ocean. the great white shark is going to eat you!On Wednesday we had lots of cooks working together to mix up a batch of pancakes to eat with our maple syrup that we had purchased at the farmer’s market in the fall.  So yummy!
pancake making timecleaning up after pancake makingslurping syruploving the pancakespancakes with maple syrupThree fifth birthdays were celebrated this week!  Each birthday child took a turn orbiting the sun five times, while everyone counted, then blowing out the candle after being serenaded with the “Happy Birthday” song.  On Thursday we enjoyed delicious purple frosted cupcakes and gingerbread men.  Friday students ate yummy chocolate or confetti cupcakes. birthday girl!time to blow out the candle suncupcakes and gingerbread mena giant gingerbread man for the birthday boyHe's FIVE!cupcakes!For Friday science, we read about ways that ancient people measured and where an inch originated (the width of a thumb) and foot (the length of a foot), and how the first standard tools of measurement (rulers) were created based on the length of the “ruler’s” (king/emperor) thumb and feet.  We did some BIG measuring.  We took the tape measure outside and used it to measure large objects, including the sand box, balance beam, the fence, the garden, and a sled, and recorded our findings. measuring the sand boxhow long is this fence, anyway!?the balance beam is 96 inchespushing the button to pull in the tape measurethe length of a sledmeasuring the gardenupper and lower case letter matchsinging the alphabet to match the letterspin punching the continentstri-nomial cubeThe books we read: Books we read
A Bad Case of Stripes by, David Shannon

A Tree for All Seasons by, Robin Bernard

Seed to Plant by, Kristin Baird Rattini

Pancakes, Pancakes! By, Eric Carle

Oh, No! by, Candace Fleming & Eric Rohmann

Zero by, Kathryn Otashi

The Day the Crayons Quit by, Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers

A Boy and a Bear by, Lori Lite

How Tall, How Short, How Far Away by, David A. Adler

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by, Judi Barrett

New songs introduced:

Phytoplankton (Lyn’s accurate version of a food chain based on the song “Slippery Fish” – really, since when do whales eat sharks!?)

Our version goes: phytoplankton, bivalve mollusk, green crab, octopus, harbor seal, great white shark

Octopus’ Garden

Yellow Submarine

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