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Rain Rain Go Away, Let the Snow Come Out to Play

Where is the snow!?The feel of winter was not really in the air, as temperatures stayed above freezing, bringing rain rather than snow.  We took advantage and continued to bike, dig, and rake, and of course run, run, and run! This would be easier with snow!20151208_112214 (2)Monday students went up into the chapel for the first time to practice their skit for the winter performance.  While up there, they took a tour around the room and examined the stained glass windows with beautiful colored pictures, mostly of flowers. For art, they used the windows as inspiration to create their own “stained glass” art work.   They drew pictures on black paper, which I carved out, then they covered the spaces with colored plastic.  When placed on the window, they created a lovely scene. creating stained glass picturescutting and drawingstained glass artOur circle times were once again dedicated to practicing for the winter performance, which we did upstairs in the chapel.  The children practiced lining up in order, filing onto the stage, singing, filing off, and quietly sitting in the pew to watch the Monday/Friday students practice their skit of The Mitten.  It was exciting to be in the big beautiful room, but they were respectful and attentive and sang loudly so that all of the spectators would be able to hear them.
making a thank you card for Gerrie Scotttable worktime for a shotGerrie reading "Penguin" by Polly Dunbardice additionteamworkmitten match and cliphandwriting worktic tac toe100 boardletter formationcleaning the boardtime for another shotpin punchinglacingHow the Grinch Stole Christmas with Tammywooden word cardsfolding washclothsbuilding blocksSugar cookies were the big project this week.  On Tuesday a large group of students helped to measure, combine, and mix the ingredients.  When we had formed a nice dough, we placed it in the refrigerator to chill for Wednesday, when each child chose two shapes to cut and cook. adding vanillacutting out cookiesPajama day finally arrived on Thursday, bringing a great deal of excitement and the fun of a giant tent.  The children decorated and ate their cookies, watched popcorn pop then enjoyed munching it up, and mixed up hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows.  They constructed with the Magna-tiles, played their favorite card game “Sleeping Queens,” read stories, did puzzles, and drew pictures. fun under the tentdecorating cookieswatching the popcorn popDelicious!Time to remove his legmore fun under the tentI got you!yummy!20151217_103347 (2)

afternoon cookie decorating for familiespuzzles under the tentafternoon writingOn Friday the children went upstairs to practice for a final time, then returned to the classroom to do some work before heading out to play.  Everyone was excited for the performance and ready for winter break, so they had a quiet afternoon hanging the button wreath ornaments for the families, playing “Sleeping Queens,” making flowers for the quiet game, reading stories, and playing house.

The winter performance was a huge success!  The children were very entertaining and truly did an exceptional job with all of the songs.  Thank you so much to all of the families who attended.  It was wonderful to see so much support for the children!

Some books we read this week:

Penguin by Polly Dunbar

Winter is Coming by Tony Johnston

Five Ugly Monsters by Tedd Arnold

The Twelve Days of Christmas Illustrated by Jan Brett

Twas the Night Before Christmas Illustrated by Matt Tavares

The Polar Express by Christ Van Allsburg

Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Ruben


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