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What’s Up, Doc?

Peek!Construction continued this week, as a train track was placed from one sand box to the other.  Games of chase kept us moving, while some dolls from home joined us for adventures with unicorns, dragons and other mystical creatures. train tracks under construction
During Monday art we continued to learn about the use of lines in art.  We rolled marbles dipped in paint back and forth and all around to create crossing lines all over our papers.  It was a lot of fun shaking and tipping the trays to roll and bounce the marbles around.
Marble paintingcolorful marblesmarble artA Doctor’s office was set up where we used genuine medical instruments to examine patients, including stethoscopes, a thermometer, an otoscope, a tuning fork (to check hearing), eye charts, a scale, and a reflex hammer.  We studied x-rays of the human body, wrapped up broken bones, listened to lungs and heart beats, examined eyes, ears, and throats, gave shots, weighed our patients, and checked reflexes.  There were a lot of busy doctors making sure that everyone was healthy. Doctor! Doctor!Open wide! You didn't know that I can see with my mouth, did you?I weigh HOW MUCH!?can you hear the heart beat?looks serious!wrapping up an injured wristHmm, that temperature is a bit highotoscope, pleaseWe began to talk about the human body and ways that we take care of them.  We felt the bones in our skeletons and the muscles surrounding them.  We used a giant reversible magnetic body to see the various parts, including muscles, blood vessels, bones, and organs. Here is the stomach . . .IMG_0306 (2)We read two more versions of Stone Soup (Nail Soup by Eric Maddern and Paul Hess and Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth) and began to talk about giving and the joy that comes from helping others. wavy water wLinesfolding washclothscontinent tracing and pin punchingBFFsafternoon workMonday math worksnack time socializingDoes it smell like peppermint, orange, or vanilla?fine motor workwriting timeorange scented orange play doughswitchback s and long line 1We were excited to celebrate a fourth birthday with pink frosted confetti cupcakes.  As the birthday girl walked the globe around the sun, we counted each year since her birth. Happy 4th Birthday!
Friday students enjoyed a fun day with Tammy while Lyn met with parents to talk about all of the great things that everyone has been doing since school began.  For anyone interested, here is a link to an article discussing the most recent research on the long term effects of developing early social skills, which I may have mentioned yesterday.

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