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New Shovels

What a chilly week we had!  We spent a little time outside on Tuesday using the new shovels donated by the Schmidt family, but the cold weather kept us in for most of the week.  The children love using the indoor recess activities, and they worked together to build some impressive castles with the magna-tiles.

Indoor Recess

Cooperative Magna-tile Castle


At the art table we did some weaving with paper.  It was also requested that we bring back the watercolors for more painting.


Our star of the week shared her book about herself, and we learned that she likes to go trapping with her dad, her first catch was a porcupine, she loves to play with her favorite doll, Emma, and her favorite color is pink!  We read her favorite story, The Princess and the Three Knights.

Checking Ears

Alphabetizing the Names

Name and Picture Matching

Teen Board

Table Setting

Yoga with Emily

On Tuesday afternoon Emily came in to read You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses and do some yoga exercises with the children.  They enjoyed doing the poses and being lions, cats, dogs, etc.   After the story they took turns acting out their own animals and guessing what each one was.

Doctor Ford

We were grateful to have Dr. Ford visit and talk to us about being a doctor.  He told us about what goes on during a doctor’s visit and how he helps his patients by educating them about ways to stay healthy, such as eating well, exercising, hand washing, and getting immunizations.   He made everyone a hand glove balloon and left us gloves, masks, and stickers.  They were a big hit!


Hugs for Tigger

On Thursday we had a visit from Tigger with Believe in Books, an organization that promotes literacy.  We listened to some Tigger stories then had a chance to say” hi” to Tigger and pick a book to take home.   We are looking forward to welcoming the Cat in the Hat for his birthday in March.

Sharing Writing

Sharing Some More Writing


Reading “This Little Light of Mine”

More Writing

Even More Writing

Reading and Dancing to Jump Jim Joe

Rhyming Bingo

Thursday was also our last day with Cindy.  We have loved having her in the classroom with us.  We will miss her!  Thank you Cindy!

Hugs for Cindy

Cutting Ice

Friday students used a wire to cut ice for their science experiment.  We attached the wire to a bottle of water and placed it over an ice cube.  The wire gradually cut through the ice, which froze back together. After a couple of hours the wire was under the ice, but the cube was still whole!

Wire Cutting Through Ice

Gerrie Reading


We enjoyed having Gerrie Scott read us The Wind Bears Go Dancing and sing The Apple Tree Song.

All morning we could hear music from upstairs, so we quietly went up and listened to a quartet of musicians playing the violin, flutes, and a cello.  We enjoyed seeing our friend, Gerry Tobin, and listening to the beautiful music.


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