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All Sorts of Forts

A Sled Fort

This last week of 2012 at Sunnybrook was full of festive fun!


Playing Soccer

Happy 6th Birthday!

We celebrated two birthdays this week.  Happy 6th on the 11th, and Happy 4th on the 13th!   We learned about the Sunnybrook Montessori tradition of holding the globe and walking around a candle, which represents the sun, for each year that the birthday child has been alive.  Each revolution of the Earth around the sun takes one year, so we counted as the birthday child walked around the sun until we reached the child’s age.


Happy 4th Birthday!

We moved our performance rehearsals upstairs to become familiar with the stage, practice with piano accompaniment, try out our props, and work out any kinks.  The children really worked hard to sing loudly and clearly and follow the many directions and transitions.


Making a Pig Costume

The children spent some time wrapping things up.  They finished their costumes for “There was a Pig Went Out to Dig,” put their pictures on the leaf frame gifts for their families, added some extra touches to their sombreros, painted and decorated the snowman, and made some special milkweed ornaments with Emily.


Milkweed Ornaments with Emily

Frosty the Snowman



Cylinder Blocks



Making Pizza Dough

On Wednesday afternoon the children made pizza dough for their lunch on Thursday.   They mixed all of the ingredients then worked hard kneading the dough for seven minutes before placing it in a bowl to rise overnight.


A Fort for Fifteen

Thursday was Pajama, Play, and Pizza Day.  Everyone was so excited to munch on apples, clementines, and popcorn and drink hot chocolate.  They began building forts as soon as they arrived, and it was soon decided that it would be the most fun if they made one huge fort for everyone to share.  It was fabulously cool and huge, and everyone enjoyed playing in it with their special stuffed animals and dolls from home!  The afternoon students began making their pizzas as soon as they came in from recess.  They used their fingers to push and form the dough into small pizzas, then added sauce and cheese.  We listened to Boris Karloff read “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” while the pizzas cooked.  When everyone was finished eating we went outside and built an outdoor fort before heading home.

Popcorn and Hot Chocolate


Content in the Tent

Fun in the Fort

Writing Holiday Cards for Tammy

Listening to The Grinch

Slime Time

The Friday students were joined by a Sunnybrook alumnus for the day, and they were happy to welcome him back.  Everyone was anxious for science to begin, and they decided to make slime by combining a water and borax solution with a water and glue solution.  They were quite thrilled with the resulting substance.  They discovered that it could bounce, stretch, and break, and it felt kind of wet.  In the afternoon the students spent some time making and wrapping picture gifts for each other, then took out the scarves and did some scarf dancing to music.


Scarf Dancing

Friday Students Prepare for “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” at the Winter Celebration

Friday evening was a fabulous Winter Celebration!  The children have been working hard for several weeks, and they put on a great performance.  It was wonderful to have all of the Sunnybrook families and several board members together for the evening.  Thank you to all of you for bringing your children, making food to share, and helping to clean up at the end of the night.


Happy holidays and have a wonderful winter break with your families!

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