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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Our second week at Sunnybrook continued to be busy, busy, busy!  The children have taken ownership of the classroom, and worked hard keeping it clean and tidy.  Everyone is beginning to remember where on the shelves items belong.  If something is missing from its spot they help each other figure out where it might be.

We continued to work on learning each others’ names, communicating appropriately, developing friendships, and being respectful of each other and our classroom.


On Tuesday we were joined by Gerry Tobin, longtime Sunnybrook teacher, for music.  We held hands and moved around in a circle to the song “Sally Go Round the Sun.”  We also learned to identify high notes and low notes and a major and minor scale.



Learning about clay

Zeanny spoke with the afternoon students about clay and mud and how it is used in Mexico to build pots and houses.  She taught us how to make pinch pots and pots that are made by rolling out clay into a snake then coiling it around.  Everyone loved this activity!  Many children made several pots, and some even added covers.  We will paint them next week.

Our clay creations

Creating clay pots









Hugs for Henrietta

This week we welcomed a new friend to Sunnybrook, Henrietta Chicken.  She insists that she is not stuffed, but the students are quite adamant that she is!  The students have been helping her learn how to walk and speak quietly in the classroom and how to be careful to keep the rice in the rice table.  They have also been providing her with lots of hugs and handshakes.

Friday students examining a worm

Friday students did their best work drawing family portraits for our portrait gallery, which the rest of the students will have the opportunity to do this coming week.  They also had the chance to listen to some beautiful singing and accompanying piano music upstairs.  It was quite impressive.  They got excited when they noticed measurements were being taken for the new sandbox when we headed out for recess, and are very much looking forward to using it when it is complete.  Thank you so much to Robert Allin!

This coming week we will continue to learn about our families, practice respect, communication, and safety, and explore Mexico.

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