Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

May 15th-18th

On Tuesday we had a great time visiting with Clifford, our last visit from Believe in Books for the year. The children enjoyed choosing Clifford stories and giving high-fives and hugs.

This week we began talking about our last unit for the year…the ocean! We read The Rainbow Fish, Fish Wish and the afternoon students enjoyed a variety of non-fiction books about coral reefs. We looked at pieces of coral and seashells. We looked on a globe and found all the oceans and will be practicing naming all of them. During music we have been enjoying doing “The Sandpiper” dance.

All the children loved making oceans in a bag this week. We took hair gel and added blue food coloring in a plastic bag. This was great for sensory and fine motor development.

On Thursday we made jelly fish by decorating coffee filters, gluing them to paper bowls and adding crepe paper. The children really enjoyed this art project and the jelly fish turned out great!

Our Friday students enjoyed estimating how many seashells were in a jar and then counting them up. We then talked about if our estimates were too high or too low.

Our Friday students worked with aluminum foil to create boats. Everyone was given the same amount of foil and they created their own design. We then floated them in water and then added toys to see how sturdy our boats were. They were made well!

The ultimate test…


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