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First week in May

We had a great week at Sunnybrook!

On Tuesday morning we enjoyed visiting with some bunnies that one of our students brought in. The children had a great time observing them and feeding them lots (and lots) of carrots. They may of sneaked in a few carrots from lunchboxes as well.

We painted and glued our butterfly life cycles. These turned out great! The children really enjoyed the process. Our real caterpillars are busy eating and growing. We are eagerly waiting for them to make their chrysalis and turn into butterflies. This week we enjoyed reading Moth or Butterfly, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Gotta Go! Gotta Go! We enjoyed acting out the The Very Grouchy Ladybug with each child playing a different insect/animal.

Kindergarten is working on money and they are doing great! We learned the value of a penny, nickle, dime and quarter and worked on adding them and going to the “store” to buy items. They have also been very busy with their independent science projects. They are coming along! We will have them on display for the last day of school.  I am also so proud of all of our big kids who are becoming GREAT readers. It’s been so exciting this year to watch their reading skills develop. Please continue to have them read to you at home and encourage them to track (follow along with their finger) and ask them questions about the story to encourage reading comprehension.

THANK YOU to all our you that have contributed to our giving tree needs. We really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to drop off your yard sale items Thursday and Friday afternoon and come to the Sunnybrook yard sale this Saturday, May 12th 9am-12!

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