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Gung hay fat choy!

This week we had a great time learning about Chinese New Year!

We read The Runaway Wok which the children really enjoyed. We learned that Chinese New Year is a celebration of spring and and is celebrated with family gatherings, gift giving and eating symbolic foods and plenty of festive decorations. We enjoyed making paper Chinese lanterns on Wednesday and many of the children made Chinese New Year books with dragons, lanterns, fireworks. Many of them pin punched China from the geography map and we helped our younger students trace it into their booklets.

Since it is the year of the dragon, our afternoon students worked together to decorate their own Chinese New Year dragon. It is ready for the festivities with plenty of color, glitter, feather, ribbons and even a few bells!

On Tuesday we had a great Spanish lesson and enjoyed using the felt board with our Very Hungry Caterpillar felt pieces during circle.

At music we’ve been talking about percussion instruments. We listened to a drumming CD and enjoyed playing different beats on our African drums. We also experimented with maracas, rhythm sticks and triangles.

Do you play an instrument? We are hoping to learn about different instruments and instrument families over the next couple months. If you play an instrument we invite you in to share your talent with the students.

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