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Last week of October

A big thank you to all our families that contributed to our fall celebration! Although we were all a bit cold, the children enjoyed painting pumpkins, hearing a story and sharing snacks.

Over the past couple weeks, our Kindergarten worked with one of our parents on a sewing project making little bags.  Using a pattern they cut out two squares of fabric, sewed on a button (or two, or three…) sewed the two pieces of fabric together and then added a colorful beaded handle. It was great fine motor work and the children were very engaged in this activity and were so proud of their completed projects.

At circle this week, we read lots of Halloween and pumpkin stories including, 10 Trick or Treaters, The Pumpkin Book, Piggy Pie and The Magic Pumpkin. We practiced our 5 Little Pumpkins and took turns being the first, second, third, fourth and fifth pumpkin. Our next poem for the month of November will be all about Stone Soup!

We enjoyed the big drum and singing our favorite songs at music this week. We have also introduced Walking on the Line. Walking on the Line is a practical life activity that we also use as a transition from music to lunch. When a child is dismissed to wash up for lunch they, individually or as a group, walk on our ellipse in the classroom. Walking on the Line helps a child work on concentration and coordination of movements. It’s also a good activity to learn about “staying in your own space” when it’s done as a group activity.
The month of November means Stone Soup season! Stone Soup is a wonderful tradition at Sunnybrook where the children learn about community and sharing. We will be reading through our Stone Soup stories this month and working on our Stone Soup poem. On November 22nd every child will bring a vegetable to school which they will help wash and prepare. On November 23rd we will make Stone Soup! Check your November newsletter for details.


Veterans Day Nov 11th: No School

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Nov 18th (no school)

Thanksgiving Week:

Wednesday: Stone Soup Day school closes at noon

Thursday and Friday: Thanksgiving break


“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.”

~Maria Montessori

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