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Week of September 27th

We had a great week! The children are settling into the routine and it’s been neat to see new friendships and interests develop. We’ve begun to talk about family and family members at circle. On our language shelf we have a doll family with labels for each family member, and it has become a new favorite activity. The students enjoyed singing”Where is Thumbkin?” using members of the family (where is mother, where is father, etc.) We will start working on our family project this week, so make sure you have sent in pictures of family members!

To help recognize our names and our friend’s names we played a name recognition game at circle. We put each child’s name in the circle and sang, “If your name is in the circle, pick it up! If your name is in the circle, pick it up!”

At music we are working on being good audience members by takingĀ  turns playing our African drums. Each group played along to “This Land Is Your Land” and “Victor Vito.” We also enjoyed a movement activity to “The Bumblebee Song.”

On Thursday, Olivia the Pig from Believe in Books came to visit. Believe in Books is a wonderful literacy program and they visit Sunnybrook a few times a year with a different story book character. They read to the children and let them choose a book to take home. The students were very excited to visit with Olivia.

Our Friday students enjoyed playing SWINGO (sight word bingo), learning about moose and doing a moose track project and doing some rhyming activities. We also had a great Spanish lesson learning the names of the shapes and practicing the names of the colors. Thanks Zeanny!

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