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This week we have been focused on Spring – I wonder why? The books we have read… “Lets Look at the Seasons “Spring Time” by Ann Schweninger, “Spring goes Squish” by Marty Kelly, “Catching Sunlight” a book about leaves by Susan Blackalsy illustrated by Charlene DeLage and a wonderful book from Tala’s Mom entitled “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown. Thanks Heather. In honor of spring we have also planted “Nasturtium” (Tom Thumbs) seeds. We are trying to introduce spring into the classroom.

On Thursday morning we had our Spanish class by Zeanny – the children are really enjoying it. Thanks Zeanny.

We have been talking about what it means to be an artist and have read “I am an Artist” and “The Art Lesson” by Tomie de Paola.

The favorite song this week is “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, accompanied by drums and rhythm instruments. This has been performed with great gusto.

A funny event this week was the hat throwing contest devised by the children. They decided to throw their hats on a tree…and they had to come up with ways to recover their hats… e.g. shaking the branches, throwing balls on the branches and finally using a huge stick to retrieve the hats.

The children have done lots of work this week, especially in the language area.

It has been a good fun week at school.

My thanks to Tammy and Brigette for all their patience and hard work.

Thank you,


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