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“The wind it whooshed, the snow it whirled/ / Bare trees shook like chilly bones./ Children grumbled in their homes.” Sound familiar? We had the cure for the winter blues though…On Tuesday Magda came to read a story called, “Sun Bread” about a baker who bakes sun-shaped loaves of bread to brighten up the town during the dreary winter. After the story, the children got to make their own sun bread. They kneaded and rolled out the dough and made some very beautiful and yummy looking sun bread. Thank you Magda! It was such a great experience for the children and the perfect activity for a winter day.

On Thursday we made butter from whipping cream. We placed some whipping cream in a jar and observed the change from cream to butter as we took turns shaking the jar. We sat in a circle and each child had two turns to shake the cream as we sang “The Butter Boogie”

Shake it up
Shake it down
Shake it, Shake it all around

Shake it high, Shake it low
Shake it, Shake it to and fro
Shake it over, Shake it under

Pretty soon we’ll have butter!

And we did! Halfway through the process we opened the jar to see our progress and after a few more times around the circle we had delicious butter! We spread it on crackers and shared it at lunch and afternoon snack time.

Shaking, shaking…

Halfway done….


Our back classroom is decorated with our beautiful Chinese lanterns and we’re ready for Chinese New Year!

North Country Community Band Concert:
The North Country Community Band will hold it’s 2011 winter concert on February 1st at 7 PM at the Lancaster Town Hall. Admission is free, donations are welcomed.

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