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My apologizes for the late posting.

Happenings in the classroom last week:

*We finished reading all of our Stone Soup stories and also enjoyed, “Growing Vegetable Soup” and consider what type of vegetables we might bring for the soup. We are getting quite good at our Stone Soup poem!

*We painted Thankgiving sun catchers and thought about the people and things we were thankful for. Many children also enjoyed some Native American mazes/coloring sheets.

*On Thursday we had a visitor play piano for us and we had a great time singing and began practicing songs for our winter celebration event.

*We also enjoyed a great yoga lesson where we listened to “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear” and made yoga poses to go along with the story.

Along with all the other activities the children were busy with their important work.

Square of Pythagoras
The child builds Pythagoras’ square using careful discrimination of size, shape and colors. This helps eye-hand coordination, concentration, develop cognitive skills such as thinking, judging, associating and comparing. It is also preparation for advance math concepts such as multiplication and algebra.

Building words with vowel sound “e”

Working on a puzzle which allows the children to build different words

A grocery list according to Kindergartners: Apples, goldfish, grapes and bananas:)

Working with the Spindle Boxes and Teen Board

This week at circle we read “The Peace Rose” story. The Peace Rose is a symbol of working and talking together to solve a conflict. The Peace Rose story shares conflict situations which are very familiar to children (children wanting to paint at the same time, someone knocking over another ones work) and encourages them to communicate with one another using the peace rose to solve the problem peacefully. We did some role playing at circle with our Peace Rose, so the children became aware of situations in which it may be useful.

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