Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Lots of exciting work was out this week including: learning names of shapes with the shapes from the Geometry Cabinet, matching sounds with the Sound Cylinders, learning about quantity with the Number Rods, and building the maze with the Red Rods. The maze is a fun sensory extension that a child can do with the Red Rods. I didn’t manage to take many pictures this week so, I used a picture below from last year so that you can see how one would construct it. After they build it, they enjoy carefully walking through it.

We enjoyed our second yoga lesson and learned some new poses. The children were very engaged and eager to participate. Hopefully, they were able to demonstrate for you at home.

We started listening to “Peter and the Wolf” during music. The children are doing a great job recognizing which instrument represents each animal. We also helped narrate the book, “The Empty Pot” with our instruments. This is a great listening excercise where each child is assigned a part to help narrate with an instrument. For example, every time the word “children” is read the children with the bells shake their bells or every time the word “seeds” is read the children with the sand blocks play the sand blocks and so on… It’s a lot of fun, and helps work on listening skills and concentration.

We also spent plenty of time outside in the beautiful sunshine!

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