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We had a busy week working on our end of the year art project. The children are creating self-portrait collages and they are turning out great.

We’ve also been practicing our folk dances and a spring pantomime to share with our families at the end of the year picnic. On Friday, our students began making posters for each of our folk dances to show the countries the dances originate from. We have beautiful France, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and United States posters in the works. They used the geography maps to punch out the country shape, colored flags and added illustrations to show more about each dance.

We’ve also been acting out “The Grouchy Lady Bug” story. The children enjoy taking turns pretending to be the different animals. It was a highly requested activity this week and I think we all have the story memorized by now.

We have added a tray with cards to the play dough activity, that has everyone’s name and the children are able to select their name or a friends name to make out of play dough. It’s been a fun and popular activity.

Other pictures from this week:

Multiplication Board

Journal Writing

Stringing Beads

Enjoying the sunshine!

Sleds have many uses at Sunnybrook 🙂


***Show and Tell: Wednesday, May 26th

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