Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Although it is time to take bird feeders down, please continue to send in your bird sightings from around your house, around town, etc. Our bird chart is filling up, with many chickadees and crows spotted. We’ve also had sightings of a cardinal, junco, and some bluejays and wild turkeys. It will be interesting to see if our Sunnybrook friends can see some other birds as the weather becomes warmer.

This week we began talking about our new unit…food! We sorted foods into food groups at circle time and learned the names and colors of some nutritious food. The food sorting activity is now on our shelves for the children to work with. We also examined our snacks and tried to decide which food group category they would belong to.

The children enjoyed a visit from The Cat in the Hat this week, who brought some wonderful books with him. Their observation was that he was, “very tall”.

As always, we were busy working away. The children enjoyed some new materials, such as the Sound Cylinders and the new control maps to help with the geography puzzles. The older students got to use new phonogram Sandpaper letters to create “sh” and “ch” books.

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