Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Our big accomplishment this week was reading every Stone Soup story we have. While we saw the differences in them, the same lesson of sharing and community was apparent in all of the stories. We read, ‘Growing Vegetable Soup’ and that sparked discussion about what vegetables would go into our soup and how they would prepare them by washing and cutting.

We discussed the Thanksgiving story and read some more books about the pilgrims and the Native Americans. We’ve continued singing our ‘Over the River and Through the Woods’ song during music and we were able to read the original version of the book as well.

We’ve begun a new project! The Gatelys have given us a map so that we can track Tommy’s dad on his ship. We made a tiny ship that we placed on our map and when we get updates from the Gatelys we read them to the children and move our ship to the new position. We were surprised to learn that the ship travels at 13.8-18.9 MPH…as one of our Kindergartners said, “That’s not so fast.” The children were also excited to learn that there were 300 pick-up trucks on board and helicopters land on the flight deck.

On Thursday morning the children were treated to a science experiment by Iza and began making a Thanksgiving craft with Tammy. Along with everything else, the children have been busy doing their important work!

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