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Wiggle Squiggle

Monday students did some marble painting with Michelle and Laura. They chose colors to dip their marbles in then roll them around to create colorful lines and patterns.

blue, pink, purplepurple, blue, redgreen, pink, purpleblue, brown, black (all the B's)red, green, pink & blue, purple, yelloworange, pink, purplepink, pink, and purplepurple, pink, and pinkprimary mixshades of redlots of pink and purplesquiggles and wigglesall the wiggles and squiggles

Work on moving the dirt into the yard continued! There are so many hard workers who love shoveling and hauling .

stab, scoop, dumpfilling bollardshauling dirtdigscooplots of workersgetting to the bottom of the pile

The worms have finally emerged! Thousands of worm holes in the yard were another sign of spring, and worm hunters were busy all week tipping stumps and digging through dirt to find the biggest worm.

hunting for wormsworm holescollecting wormsworm family

chopping the logtearing out the log pulpusing the clawcooking in the kitchenpouring sandup highdigging in the dirtdirt pilestep hopbasketballpiggybackadding soil to create a level spot for the hoopburied in the sandbare feetso many recipesoutdoor playdoughteeter tottersall set upup on topputting on socks

Woodland Stone Soup was the theme of the week. We read through the story, then read and invited students to say their lines if they remembered them, then finally we read and practiced the whole story all together. We will continue to rehearse over the next couple weeks until we are ready for recording.

Woodland Stone Soupall the bees, birds, and micethe raccoons and chipmunks visit the miceWe have not eaten for 3 1/2 days.  Do you have anything to share?the moose and the bearmaking stone soup

During sign language with Rose we reviewed numbers, seasons, and food, then she signed and told the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Everyone signed the repeating line “but he was still hungry” as it came up in the story.

Susan introduced high and low with the hand bells and we tried our best to order the bells. Some children could efficiently distinguish higher and lower, but some of us had a harder time, particularly as they got closer and closer together.

higher or lower?Is the green bell higher or lower than the pink bell?

We began constructing a house/fort using donated wood scraps. The children were excited to use the drill to screw in the pieces and the saw to cut boards to the lengths and sizes that fit. We are in need of more wood scraps if anyone has some lying around to continue work on our fort and potentially make a second.

screwing the back panel ontaking a turnworking carefullyan experienced workercutting the boardslowly sawing

The kindergarteners did some fraction work with the introduction of whole and quarter. The children made quarter fractions by coloring in one piece of the pie to make 1/4, two pieces to make 2/4, 3 pieces to make 3/4 and four pieces to make 4/4. They also did some money addition work with real coins, using pennies, nickels, dimes and a dollar. Finally to finish out the week they colored a quiet quail for their Qq page and used their bodies to make the letters b, c, and q.

fraction workcoloring quarters1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4Cbb teamCqa quail is quietcoloring the quiet quail in the quiet spotcolorful quiet quail

taking out the numbersmagnetic or not magnetic?water color streaksdot paintinganimals sorted by color and groupcounting fishfrogs hopping on letterswatching fishsnuggles with Susan

Friday students talked about the different animal classes and what characteristics make a bird a bird, a fish a fish, a mammal a mammal, a reptile a reptile, and an amphibian an amphibian, then they each chose two animals without looking and sorted them by animal class.

mammals, fish, birdsturtles and tortoises are reptiles

We blew up balloons and played keep it up. Some students counted how many times in a row they could keep the balloon up in the air before it fell to the ground.

balloonsbells breakkeep them upup in the air

Our warm week was disrupted by snow on Friday. We were all ready to be done with winter after enjoying our nice warm sunny spring week.

cooking bacon and eggsa slushy mealpots and bowlsdrink this, I won't trick youcollecting snowa snowy cakecatching snowflakes

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