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Sunshine and Fresh Air

Michelle taught us how to make tempera paint using egg yolks on Monday. Students took turns cracking an egg and separating the yolk from the albumen with their fingers. They then added some liquid water color to the yolks to create the colors they preferred, then got down to creating. When dried, their paintings were beautifully glossy.

catching the yolkgetting the fingers ready to strain out the yolkegg in the handMichelle catching the yolkadding purple to a yellow yolkbluegreenslimeycrackmaking orangegreen and pinkgreens and peachy pinkartistssplatterspinky purple and blue

The spring weather was so welcome after months of having to layer and tuck and protect all exposed skin. It was wonderful to just throw on a sweatshirt and sneakers and run outside. The bikes came out, including two new donated balance bikes, one from a former student and one from a current student. There was lots of make believe play, enjoying the feel of sand on bare feet in the sand box, cooking in the mud kitchen, kicking the soccer ball, pulling friends in the wagon, running, climbing, biking, and basketball.

examining dried leaves and flowersbalancingAll the little monkeys sitting in the tree, teasing all the alligators, "Can't catch me!"friendsa green and speckled frog jumping into the pondmixing uprockingbarefeetbikingwagonon the goburying feetsipping lemonadesitting with Susanwagon ridepumping up the ballsstaying hydratedplaying housecollecting small tree blocks

Henrietta, Wolfgang, and Tucker Turtle did some role playing around what to do when something happens that we do not like. Students used the puppets to act out some scenarios of social interactions that are hurtful or feel unkind. They acted out and we discussed what to do when someone takes something you are using, hurts you, or calls you a name.

During sign with Rose we reviewed some signs, then she introduced water signs in keeping with our study of the water cycle. She taught us water, river, stream, puddle, rain, snow, ocean, precipitation, evaporation, and condensation, then taught us how to sign our Water Cycle Song.


During Spanish with Zeanny we did our body moving and dancing songs, then played Pictionary. Students took turns drawing either a food item or a family member that we have learned, and the children guessed what was being drawn. Everyone loved the game and are looking forward to playing again another time.

dancingPictionarydrawingwho is this?what will he draw?What will she draw?

Thursday morning Mandy from Lancaster Floral Design and Garden Center brought three dump truck loads of soil. We enjoyed watching her dump the soil, then immediately got to work filling up the bollards and hauling sled loads into the yard to fill up all the dips, divots, and holes in the yard. It was hard work, as the soil was very dense and wet, but there were some determined shovelers.

dumping soilwatching the dump truckfilling the bollardsshoveling soildumping

By Friday everyone was pretty restless and just needing to get outside so after snack we headed out to enjoy the sunshine, postponing science to the end of the morning when we played a bird call game with those who wanted to participate. The children were partnered and together decided on their unique bird call. One partner was then blindfolded, and the other made the bird call. The blindfolded partner used their sense of hearing to carefully navigate toward their cawing, tweeting, hooting, or cooing partner.

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