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Winter Wonderland

shovelingWhat a wonderful white world we had this week!  We had so much fun pulling each other in sleds, being pulled in sleds, making mini snowmen as the sun gradually warmed the snow, playing on the little snowbank, having snowball fights, and shoveling paths around the yard.  When the temperatures dipped too low at the end of the week, we admired the whiteness from inside while we enjoyed indoor recess activities.
funny girlfilling up the sledswhat do you see?winter warmthpull!hang on!chillingsnowball fight!I'm going to get you!attempting to dislodge the stumpusing the boot jacksmagnatiles at recessbristle blocks for recessFor Monday art we were introduced to mural drawing.  We began drawing out a winter scene to display for the Winter Performance, using white and gray pastels to make snow, clouds, the sun and the moon.  As the week went on and everyone continued to add, it became a much more colorful, not so white wintry scene.  Artistic license at its’ best!
winter muralworking on the muraladding to the muralMany children had a fabulous time decorating paper cone Christmas trees with green glue, pom-poms, buttons, ribbons, beads, and tissue paper.   Each tree was unique and colorful!
painting the treesadding ornamentsgreen glueThe Monday boys decided that it was time for snow in the sensory table, so they worked as a team to empty the sand so we could bring in the cold stuff.  We added arctic animals (moose, polar bear, snowy owls, bald eagles, orca and seals) and antarctic animals (emperor penguin, chinstrap penguin and king penguin).  As the week wore on, additional non-polar animals migrated in as well.
emptying the sensory tablepolar animalsbrrrr!inside snowpaintinganimals in the snowOn Wednesday afternoon, the students who volunteered suited up and trekked across the street to drop off the food donations at the food pantry.  The donations were very appreciated, and the children had fun chatting with the ladies who accepted them.
delivering the donations to the food pantrydone with our deliverysound sortmini vehiclesstories with Tammynumber bead pyramidgeometric solidsMy familybalancingletter formation practicenumber worktelling a storydrawing a white dinosaur in the snowwooden word cardsmorning mat workmore morning mat workteen boardletter sound work with Cindymulti-tasking musicianbuilding cube patternssearching for objects in the picturesThe much anticipated Pajama day finally arrived and the children had so much fun assembling and playing in a big fort, listening to stories with Cindy, decorating gingerbread men made by the Hayward/Randall family, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and playing with puppets and other fun activities.  It was so exciting to wear our pajamas to school!  The children even decided to turn the lights off to make it more like nighttime.
magnatilessea life puzzletending to the puppetsmagnetic color cubes & block towerswatching the popcorn popcookie timehere it comes!stories under the fort with Cindyhammer and nailsplaying in the forthappy gingerbreadadding marshmallowslots of sprinklesdecorating gingerbread menyummy cookies!We also celebrated a fourth birthday on Thursday.  The birthday boy had eagerly anticipated his turn to hold the globe and walk around the candle while we counted each year that he has been alive.  He shared angel food cupcakes with whipped frosting and sprinkles.  Happy birthday newest four year-old!
the birthday boyorbiting the sunFor Friday science we learned about static electricity.  We tried to build some up by rubbing our stocking feet on the carpet, but it didn’t work very well.  We watched a short video explaining how electrons and  protons carry a charge, and when there is an imbalance in charge, they will move to make it balanced, which can create an electric shock.  Although this concept is beyond comprehension, the terms proton and neutron were introduced.  Everyone then chose a balloon, which we vigorously rubbed on our hair then performed magic tricks of sticking them to shelves, tanks, ourselves, the quiet house, etc.  Some of us even built up enough static electricity that we were surprised by a little shock, so it worked after all!  When were done sticking our balloons to everything we could, the children played “keep the balloons up,” counting how many times they could tap them before they fell down to the ground.
look!it sticks!balloon magichow many taps?Our storiesOnce again our circle times were dedicated to preparing for Friday night.  We practiced entering the sanctuary, climbing the steps, standing on our names, singing the songs, reciting lines for the Winter Solstice presentation, and shaking our maracas to Feliz Navidad while Cindy accompanied us on the guitar.  There was a lot of energy during practice sessions, but as always, the event was a huge success.  The children did a wonderful job and provided some great entertainment on a very chilly evening.  It was wonderful to have (almost) everyone in the Sunnybrook family together for the evening!
pajama day practice sessionfiling on stageFeliz NavidadThank you to those who brought food for the potluck, our volunteer photographer, and those who got everything all cleaned up and put back together at the end of the night.  Your contributions are so appreciated!

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