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Just a Minute . . .

Jeanine Fitzgerald, who owns the Fitzgerald Institute in Northboro, Massachusetts, visits the North Country yearly to speak.  She is a leader in working with children, particularly those with challenging behaviors, and she always has new and insightful information to share.  One tip she suggested several years ago, which a friend recently told me about, was to stop telling children, “Just a minute . . . “.

Jeanine suggested that rather than saying “Just a minute . . . ” we give children who are waiting for us real information about when we will be available, because “just a minute” is never just a minute.  Giving them information about when I will be able to listen/help also helps me to follow through and not get redirected.

I never realized how many times a day I say, “Just a minute . . . !”  So lately I have been trying to follow her advice.  It takes some thinking, but I am getting better every day.  Now, instead of “Just a minute . . . ” I say:

“When I am done helping George I will come find you.”

“I will be available to help after I finish introducing this to Sarah.”

“I can listen to you when I have finished my conversation with Lance.”

Try it!  I think you will be amazed by how many times you say “Just a minute . . . ” each day!


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