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An Unspringish First Week of Spring

snow plowingThe first week of spring brought the return of winter weather.  We were a little confused, but made the best of it.  We dressed in our warm gear again, raked and shoveled paths in the snow, and got some wrestling time in with Sue. basketballhauling some big loads!super girl practicesnow would be helpful . . .chatting with Sueready for springraking roadsthis way and that waycheetah girls in the snowwrestling with SueAll of the snow from the playground20160323_113023 (2)For Monday art the children learned how paper is made from trees and did some paper recycling of their own.  They ripped up paper into little pieces, then added water and chopped it into paper pulp in the blender.  We poured it out onto screens then the children pushed out the water while trying to flatten it with their hands.  Most of the paper could have used a little more fiber to help hold it together, but we had some cool results. recycling paperadding the waterwatching it turn to pulppatting it dry and flatDuring the week the children used stencils to create pictures.  On Thursday they also did some water color painting on coffee filters. artistspaintingThe sensory table was filled with Knex, which required a lot of fine motor skills and became quite the social activity! knex constructionWe were excited to welcome and talk about the season of spring, despite the decidedly non-springish weather.  We read and talked about the late winter/early springtime activity of tapping maple trees to collect sap and boiling it down into syrup.  Those who had tasted sap shared that it is a sweet sugar water drink.

A new box was introduced, which will hold the mystery number of the day.  The children can look inside, count the items, then write their name and the number of items in the box.  They are encouraged to get help from a friend or teacher as needed.  We will open the box every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at circle time, count the number of items, and read the written names and numbers.  The goal of this activity is to build community, encourage number recognition, and strengthen name and number writing skills.
coin sortinggeo boardworking with a friendupper case to lower casecolorful snowflaketransformers storystories and dot-to-dotnumber workplanet nomenclaturereading with a friendpointing to each word100 boardmultiplication boardletter sound gameword worktrinomial cubereading phraseswriting the phrasesall the dogs in the fencethe dinosaur housenumber scrollslining up the dinosaurssmooth edges or rough?readinggoofy afternoon palsbutton sortingweavingsight word writing workSue introduced some students to scuba diving last week, which led to further exploration this week.  As it is a difficult concept to understand, she showed them some videos, which led to curiosity about whales, sharks, and other ocean life.  She showed some of the students videos of whales and sharks, some alongside scuba divers.  It was a little disconcerting for some of the children to see how large whales are and how close the divers were to them.  Sue pulled out some string to measure the classroom so we could compare the length to that of a blue whale.  They discovered that the classroom is only about 45 feet long, about half the length of a blue whale!  We also discussed why humans need tanks to breath underwater, while sharks don’t, and that whales are mammals like humans, and they need to surface to breath.  The children were excited to create posters about what they learned, which we hung on the wall.
Is our classroom as long as a whale?sharks, whales, and scuba diversscuba divers feeding the sand sharksBlue whale and scuba diverscuba divers going to explore inside a cavesharks, whales, and fish . . . Oh My!On Thursday we celebrated a fifth birthday with delicious orange and pink cupcakes.  The birthday girl was all smiles as she held the globe to orbit the sun five times, once for each year since she was born.  Happy Birthday, birthday girl!
Happy 5th birthday!Friday students continued to learn about measurement.  We read a story about two brothers who find sticks, which they order from shortest to longest, then from thickest to thinnest.  Everyone took a long piece of paper which they used to measure things around the classroom, comparing their lengths. Measuring the tissue boxtaking measurementswhat do you feel?karate kicking kbowling subtractionplanet name matchingsiftingWe had a visit from the Easter Bunny, whom everyone was excited to see.  The bunny got lots of hugs, and some theories where discussed about whether it was the real Easter Bunny or not.  Some said yes, while others said that the zipper on the back was an indication that it was not, in fact, the real bunny.
Easter Bunny visitThe stories we read: some of the books we read this week
Earth Cycles by, Michael Ross and Gustav Moore
North Country Spring by, Reeve Lindbergh
But No Elephants by, Jerry Smath
Sap to Syrup by, Inez Snyder
Annie and the Wild Animals by, Jan Brett
Spring (Seasons) by, Sian Smith and Rebecca Rissman
Sugarbush Spring by, Marsha Wilson Chall
A Beginners Guide to Bear Spotting by, Michelle Robinson
A book about sticks and measuring them, but I can’t remember the name

The songs we learned:
Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail
Little Bunny Foo-Foo

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