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Loving Spring!

The Sunnybrook students have been working together all week in the classroom and on the playground.  It is wonderful to see them helping each other, working together to problem solve, and compromising.

A Good Place to Read

We found some cut saplings and a sheet on our playground this week, and the children used them to build forts.  The grass is growing, the crab apple tree is flowering, and all the leaves are coming out on the tree branches.  Spring has sprung!

Sleds Are Good For Any Season!

Another Good Place to Read

Under the Apple Tree


Our tadpoles have steadily been getting bigger.  Soon we will begin to feed them boiled lettuce.  It has been fun to watch them swim around in the tank and see their bodies start to fill out.

Examining a (dead) Bee Under the Microscope

Exploration with Sensorial Materials

Illustrating Our Story

We finished writing our story this week, and have begun to illustrate it.  It inspired many students to start writing their own stories.  It is exciting to see them use their imaginations and knowledge to invent tales of their own.

Writing Our Own Stories

Rock Painting

At the art table this week we did some rock painting.  The students really enjoyed selecting, shaking, and squeezing out their own paint colors, then making fabulously colorful rock creations.

Painting Rocks

Pretty Rocks

Birthday Boy

On Wednesday we celebrated a 6th birthday.  Our birthday boy held the globe and orbited the sun six times, once for each year he has been alive.  He chose to share ice cream sandwiches for his birthday treat – yummy!

Working Together To Fit Into the Shark Tank

We played a couple of cooperative games this week during circle time that encourage the students to work together and listen closely to each other.  The first was shark tank, where the shark children swim around until the music stops, then they work together to fit everyone into the “tank.”  After every swim the tank gets smaller and smaller and they have to make sure that they find a space for everyone to fit.  The second game, “I’m Going on a Picnic, and I’m Going to Bring . . . ” requires the children to listen closely and keep track of what each participant is bringing on a picnic, then repeat each item and add their own.  They were encouraged to help friends as requested.

Helping Henrietta

Feelings Category Cards


Number Puzzle

Multiplication Board

Pattern Block Patterns

Listening to a Story With Puddle

On Wednesday we had a special visit from Puddle with Believe in BooksPuddle and his best friend, Toot, live together in a lovely little house in the country, and star in several stories by well known author and illustrator Holly Hobbie. We listened to the story, Curious You, On Your Way, by Kathleen Weidner, then we each got to greet Puddle and pick a book.

Hugs for Puddle

Painting Maracas

Friday students read The Magic School Bus: Wet All over – A Book About the Water Cycle.  We discussed the water cycle and how water can be gas, liquid, or solid, and how it changes from one state to another.  We learned the words condensation and evaporation, and began an evaporation experiment.  We listened to Gerry Scott read, If You Give a Pig a Pancake then she painted a design on each child’s face.  It was such a wonderfully warm spring day that we spent the afternoon outside.  We did a tree study by comparing the birch tree and the crab apple tree in our play yard.  We examined the bark, leaves, branches, and flowers, then painted pictures of each tree. The children have been practicing jumping over a jump rope this week, and by Friday they had it down!

Face Art

Tree Study

Jumping Rope One . . .

Two . . .


Thank you to all of you who donated, spread the word, and participated with our yard sale fundraiser on Saturday.  It was a great success!

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