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Mud, mud, we love MUD!  The children found a most fabulous mud hole in the corner of the playground, where they discovered that by standing and wiggling back and forth, they could get thoroughly stuck.  It was great fun for them, though maybe not so much for your washing machines.

Goofy Girls

Spring Sledding

Riding Their Horses


Compost Jar

We learned a lot about waste, recycling, trash, and compost this week.  We read Where Does the Garbage Go? then sorted some waste.  We divided the waste into three categories – recyclables, compost, and trash.  We also read Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story.  At the science table students made their own compost jars using food scraps, leaves, grass, and dirt.  We will observe them over the next couple of months to see what happens.

Water Transfer

Pin Punching

Short Chains

Nuts and Bolts


Moon Dough

In the sensory table the children made some moon dough – a mixture of flour and baby oil – which can be granular like sand and molded like play dough.

Picture Word Matching

Peg Counting Board

Fish Nomenclature

Peruvian Yarn Art

The art table was busy with many different activities.  The children made tissue paper flowers, continued to sign the thank you cards for our classroom visitors, did some water color painting, made some beautiful Peruvian yarn art with Zeanny, and made art replicas by looking at a poster and copying it in their own style.

Final Product – Peruvian Yarn Art

Signing Thank You Cards

More Yarn Art

World Map Work

Some of the kindergarten students worked very hard on their world maps, tracing, pin punching, and coloring all of the continents.

Building with Blocks

Animal Parade

Sunnybrook Montessori School Sign

El Frijole De Benito

During Spanish we learned about Peru, some of the art, customs, and climate.  Zeanny shared a story about an old lady who lives in a cave and sings a song to make it rain when it gets too dry.  She taught us the song, and some children had a great time singing it at recess time in an attempt to make it rain.  Another group sang for sunshine, and they must have been a bit louder, because the sun began to peek out by the end of recess.  We also read the story El Frijole de Benito, about a cat who plants a bean plant and waits and waits for it to grow.

Wednesday Afternoon at the Bandstand

Map Puzzle of Asia

Friday students were busy working on their world maps, doing map puzzles, assembling compost jars, making art reproductions, and creating little books.  Gerri Scott read Just One Bite, about what different animals eat.  The students were so busy working that they decided to delay recess.  It began to rain when were going to head out, but they were excited to do rainy day activities instead.

Rainy Day “Mother May I?”

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