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Dirty Dirt

Building a Fire

We continued with composting at the science table this week.  We read about worms, and the role they play in helping to keep our soil healthy.


We have been learning the song “Rattlin’ Bog” and the movements that go with it.  It is a repetitive song that moves kind of quickly, so we will be practicing it a lot over the next several weeks.

Friends Hanging Out

Cylinder Blocks

Cylinder Tower

We have continued to work on our story about trashcans.  We still have a lot of work to do, but there are lots of great ideas just waiting to be recorded.

Happy 4th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday!

We were excited to celebrate two birthdays this week!  On Tuesday we counted four times while our friend circled our candle sun with the globe, then sang happy birthday and ate yummy blue frosted cupcakes.  On Thursday we got to count five times and enjoy pink frosted cupcakes.

Letter Sounds

Folding Washcloths

North America Map

Silence Game

Tuesday afternoon students learned a new silence game with Emily.  They took turns walking quietly around the circle of friends, then ringing the bell behind someone and quietly switching places with them.



ou and ee

Clay Maracas

On Wednesday morning the students enjoyed making clay maracas with Zeanny.  After they dry, the students will paint them to look like an animal of their choice.

During Spanish we are learning about Peru.  We practiced the lluvia song and the color song.  Zeanny read a beautiful book, Colors! Colores! by Jorge Lujan.

Spanish Tug of War

Word Work

Watercolor Painting

Tying a Friend’s Shoe

Friday students were busy.  We attempted to write secret messages with lemon juice and milk, but sadly they did not work well.  We were quite disappointed.  We began writing a skit for our last day presentation.  We enjoyed the nice weather outside playing, and in the afternoon we brought some math work out and played word sound tag.

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