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Adios Summer! Hola Fall!

We enjoyed the beautiful weather during these final days of summer by playing fun Spanish games with Zeanny, preparing the sandbox spot by digging with our new shovels, and kicking around our new soccer balls (thank you to the O’Loughlin and Schmidt families)!  We were careful not to touch any caterpillars and to be respectful of the chipmunk storing food for the winter.

Getting ready for the day


Pin Punching

Our third week of school hummed along smoothly.  Students are spending longer periods of time engaged with activities before moving on to something new, and items are now rarely found out of place.

Painting Pots

Tuesday afternoon students painted their clay pots, which are very colorful!


Working on the pinata

Everyone began working on a piñata for our Mexican fiesta this coming Thursday.  We created paste with flour and water then painted it onto strips of paper that we placed on a balloon.  Everyone is excited to break it open and get some candy!


Many students created family portraits this week. Several were hung in our family portrait gallery and some went home to show our families.  We talked about who the people are in our families and what they look like so they could be depicted accurately.  Everyone worked hard doing their very best work!  Those who did not draw one yet will have a chance this coming week.


Writing at the science table

Listening to Tammy read “Stellaluna”

Friday students spent a busy morning working.  During music they chose instruments to play then imitated rhythms that they took turns making up. In the afternoon they held their very own Spanish circle, practicing the Spanish words for the weather, numbers, and colors before we headed outside to discover some changes of fall.






Next week we will continue to talk about our families, fall, and where we live.  Thursday will be busy with a visit from The Cat in the Hat from Believe in Books and our Mexican Fiesta.

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