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Music and mud, a great week.

What an exciting week. The week started off with Tala’s grandparents, namely Art and Marsha Hammon, bringing instruments to school, namely a cello, recorder, wooded flute and a silver flute. Thanks Art and Marsha. It was a great experience for the children.

Tammy introduced a lesson and art work regarding the life cycle of a frog. We are hoping to acquire some frogspawn in hopes that we will see it transform to tadpoles.

Brigette brought in her pet mice for the children to pet.

Thanks Brigette and Mariyah for the book present to Sunnybrook “Helpin’ Bugs” by Rosemary Longhorn.

Tammy read “Wiggling Worms at Work” by Wendy Pfeffer. We are now on the look out for worms.

Zeanny gave a great Spanish lesson to the children. Thanks again Zeanny.

“The William Tell Overture” by Rossini was a great hit. We read the story, listened to the music and acted out the story. Later in the day many of the children drew great pictures of their impression of the story.

Oh the wonderful mud. The children were so creative. They used the old tires as a dam, dug a trench in the mud for the water to flow down, which ended in a great big puddle (their lake). They floated pieces of wood and pine cones on the lake and built an ant bridge over the river of mud.

We checked out the circumference of a tree using a tape measure, then the diameter of a tree and finally we ended up with 10 children managing to fit on to the stump of the tree.

Thanks Tammy and Brigette for the great support this week.

Altogether a great fun week.

Thanks everyone,


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