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Our first Show and Tell went great and it was neat to see the different objects the children selected to demonstrate the five senses. If your child did not bring anything on Thursday, they are still welcomed to bring in a “five senses item” to share at circle.

On Tuesday we did a tasting jar activity. We read a book about the sense of taste and learned about the four types of taste: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Then we broke into two groups and did our tasting jar activity (or tasting cups in our case). The children tried spoonfuls of water with salt, water with sugar, water and lemon juice and water with coffee (decaffeinated, of course). We didn’t tell them what was in the cups until the end, so they enjoyed trying to guess, as well as identify what type of taste it was. They did a great job of identifying each taste and decided that the sugar and water was, “yummy,” but the salty, bitter and sour produced a lot of funny faces and exclamations of ,”Ew, gross!”
We were also busy making and decorating our classroom windows with beautiful paper snowflakes:
We enjoyed a new bubble making activity in Practical Life. To do this work, the child grates some soap and empties the grated soap into a pan of water and uses the whisk to create bubbles. Lots of fun!
We noticed the children had been looking for animal tracks in the snow outside so this week we made animal track books. We hung control cards on the wall and placed the booklets and worksheets on a table. The children were able to cut out the animal picture and match it to the track and paste it in their book. We discussed this at circle and tried to think of what type of animal tracks we may see in New Hampshire and which ones we probably wouldn’t see around here.
The children were also busy with many other math, language, Practical Life and art activities.
Working with the Metal Insets:
Puzzle work:

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