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Happy New Year!

The children returned well-rested and eager to get back to work. We had many students busy building and writing words, working with the Bead Material, Chains, Sensorial Extensions, puzzles and Practical Life activities. We had been so busy practicing our Winter Celebration songs during December we didn’t have much time for other music activities, so we were happy to get out our instruments this week and play along to a familiar song and do rhythm activities with the really big drum.

We’ve been talking about the five senses during circle time. We used a mystery bag with many different objects inside and observed these objects using our senses. We found out how they felt: rough, smooth, sticky, soft; if they made a sound or had a smell. The children also made many visual observations. As an art project we made paper flowers with lavender oil that they were able to smell, see and touch.

The wonderful thing about Montessori classrooms is that materials are introduced to the children through their senses. They feel and see the difference between long and short, smooth and rough, small and large. There are materials and activities to develop auditory, gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) senses. Sensorial materials help refine the senses so that the child learns colors, sounds, tastes and texture. It increases their desire to explore and make sense of their world.

Show and Tell is back! On Thursday, January 13th please have your child bring in an item that demonstrates one (or more) of the five senses. For example, they may bring in something that makes a sound, has a smell, has a texture they could describe to the class, or maybe even has a taste! While making a selection, discuss with them what sense their item could demonstrate to the class.

Reminder: Parent/Teacher conferences will take place on January 14th. There will be no school that day. Please sign up for a conference time on the bulletin board in the back classroom. Thank you!

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