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The students have been busy with their work this week! Since pictures speak louder than words:

Robert is working on a pre-reading activity.

Claire is transferring water with a dropper, an activity that develops fine motor skills. George is sculpting a reptile (dinosaur?) from play dough.

Emma is working with the Addition Strip Board. The Addition Strip Board is one method used by students to assist them in their abstract and concrete understanding of addition.

Victoria is pin punching around the continents to make her own geography map. A great hands on way to learn about geography.

Emma Mae is using counters to complete an addition worksheet.

Kieran and Tommy have completed a Color Tablet extension. A sensory and language lesson teaching about light, lighter, lightest and dark, darker, darkest.

George is building words out of the Sandpaper Letters from the book “The Tin Man”. (FYI: teacher, not student, responsible for Sandpaper Letters all over floor…desperate search for letter ‘t’)

Charlie is working with the triangle shape box.

Jon admiring his bird feeder.

And of course, lots of beautiful artwork was created:

Thank you to Tammy for taking these beautiful pictures on Thursday afternoon! While our morning students missed the “photo shoot” rest assured, they have been very busy as well!

We had a lot of fun making bird feeders and listening to different bird calls. We read about different birds of North America and discussed which birds might visit our bird feeders. The friday students read a story about migration and we learned how birds find their way south (without a map!) and discovered how far some birds travel every year.

We’ve also been busy singing away. Favorites this week include: On Top of Spaghetti, 5 Little Ducks, Bee Hive fingerplay and Skidamarink.

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