Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

The children enjoyed a presentation from Tammy about recycling. We sorted some “trash” and discussed which items can get recycled. We identified the trash bins in our classroom that are for recycled items and discussed what food items from our lunches are able to be put in the compost.

We started another science experiment to see how flowers drink water through the ground from their roots. We placed a white carnation in a vase with some water and blue food coloring and then placed another white carnation in a vase with regular water. The Friday students were able to see that the carnation in the vase with the food coloring has started to turn blue. We’ll see how it is looking on Tuesday and make some observations.

We’ve talked quite a bit about mammals and reptiles. This week we will begin our discussion on birds! The milk jugs will become bird feeders that the children may bring home and hang outside. We hope you and your child will watch your bird feeder and try to identify the types of birds that visit. If you are able to identify any, please bring this information to school. We will be making a chart to keep track of all the birds our Sunnybrook friends have seen at their feeders. We will continue this until the end of the school year, so feel free to keep bringing in your bird sightings!

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