Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

8 May, 2020
by Lyn

Frogs and Flowers from Home

Spring is slowly creeping in (if we don’t look at the weather forecast for Saturday snow). Friends have been searching for signs of spring and spending lots of time out in nature. We used our sense of sight this week to explore color, light and dark, and our world around us.

matching lettersMay the 4th be with youmarshmallow seasonmountaineeringMonster Truck birthdaynew arrivalpurple picturefrog eggsegg clustertadpolerecording frog developmentresting on a treeperspectivesock puppetsock puppetszoom worksearching for frog eggs at Bretzfelder Parklooking for spring flowers at Bretzfelder parkWalking the trailsHiking Mt. Prospect with the boystrimming flowersdaffodilscookingcookiesbikingadventuringyogawhat do you mix to make orangeThere is a LOT of brown in this roomtelling our story and all about kids at Montessorispringtime swinging

24 April, 2020
by Lyn

Home Days

Sunnybrookers continued their outside adventures, cooking and cleaning, art activities, science explorations, and family fun this week. They used their sense of touch to explore and did some heat conduction experiments. Check out all the things they were busy doing this week!

I heargrowing an avacadoglitter doughgirls in a treefeeding the sheepfavorite toy storyfavorite things to do each seasonfancy rocketshipDoctor on dutycracking eggscopying block patternsclimbing to the top branchclimbing on a big rockbraille name writingbike ridingbig smilesbakingart timeabacus workcopying patterns on the abacuswashing dishestexture writingtexture arttesting how different materials conduct heatsuspendstring paintingsigning her artworkSight word Zingorainbow shirtrainbow ballpainting with crumpled paperoutside adventuresshakersnature texture picturenames in brailleMonster truck ramp storymarbled doughmagnatile castleletters in shapesindependent math workice melts quickly on metalheat conduction on metal vs woodhanging out in the sunshine with big brother