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Green and Gold

The students dropped ink onto water then swirled it before placing sheets of paper on top to absorb the ink, creating marbled paper, a Japanese process called suminagashi.

red and yellow swirlsink dropsblue and reddropping inkswirlingblack, red, green, and yellow swirlsblue, orange, and yellow

During sign language Rose pointed to alphabet signs to spell out names, and the children “read” the letters as she pointed to them to figure out whose name was being spelled. She introduced some water signs, including ocean, sea, pond, lake, and river and we reviewed the ocean creature signs and learned crab, which is similar to lobster but just with two fingers pinching rather than all the fingers. She signed the song “Once I Caught a Fish Alive,” which we have been singing a lot lately. To finish up she read the Gerald and Piggy story Are You Ready to Play Outside?

The second letter of this name is nthe next letter of this name is iwateroceanlakerivercrab1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish ALIVEIMG_2322 (2)Why did you let it go?  Because IT BIT MY FINGER SOWhich finger did it bite? THIS LITTLE FINGER ON MY RIGHTWe will RUN

We did some dancing to Octopus’ Garden and Yellow Submarine by the Beatles, which we were informed is the favorite band of several students. They had lots of fun dancing beneath the waves with their friends. We revisited our discussion of reflecting on our experiences with a game of race to your favorite place. The children all moved to their favorite areas of the classroom and shared what they liked about that area.

I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shadeGreat White Shark, great white shark, cruising through the watercoral reef puzzlesorting shells and rocksreading about fish with Michellebuilding a mouse housespooning marblessink and float testdigging in the kinetic sandorange play dough manbuilding the pirate ship

We have been reading St. Patrick’s day stories and the children were getting excited for a potential leprechaun visit. In keeping with the St. Patrick’s day theme Makenna introduced green fun foam made with shaving cream, cream of tartar, and green food coloring, which was a fabulous sensory experience.

mixing the shaving cream and corn starchgreen foamit feels so neathulk handssmoosh push

Wednesday afternoon children used their brainpower to design and set leprechaun traps in hopes that a leprechaun would visit the classroom to steal the gold they set as bait and get stuck in a trap and then would lead them to his pot of gold.

setting his trap with a quick release stringan extra large leprechaun trapleaving a note for the leprechaun to lure him intaping the gold coin to the inside of the lid so the box will close when the leprechaun climbs up to grab it, trapping him insideleprechaun box trapsetting upa pot of gold, a pan to trap him, and a sign with instructionspull on the panwhen he goes for the gold the box will fall on himall these blocks to trip him up when he goes for the gold coinready to fall and capture himso much gold to lure him ingold look under tape (then that beanbag will fall on top of you)pot of gold over there

St. Patrick’s Day morning was a most exciting experience, as a leprechaun did indeed visit the classroom. The children found gold dust and little green leprechaun footprints through the classroom leading to all the traps. The children excitedly checked their traps, but alas he was not in any of them. They followed the footprints all around the room, over and under the traps, and out the double doors at the back end of the room where it was decided he exited. After searching and searching we found that he had dropped his bag of gold, which the children dumped out, sorted, counted, and distributed evenly.

green footprints lead to her trap, but no leprechaun, and no gold coin!where he jumped off the shelf and landedleprechaun gold dustfollowing the leprechaun trackshe ran right over the blocks!checking the trap outno leprechaun in here, but he stepped in the pan and stole the goldhe walked right over the pan!The bag of gold!he climbed up and took the gold but got awaytaking out all the gold beads the leprechaun collectedsorting out the gold barssorting out the gold gems

Makenna gave a brief history of the origin of St. Patrick’s Day in honor of St. Patrick who drove the snakes out of Ireland. She introduced Irish music, which was quick and lively and featured violins/fiddles, guitars, and drums. She showed some videos of an Irish music group playing music, then some others with some Irish bagpipe players. We learned about the parts of the bagpipe and how it is played. She then showed some Irish step dancing and gave us a quick lesson for how to keep our hands still at our sides or behind our backs and jumping/dancing by just moving our feet. Everyone was pretty worn out after dancing through two songs! She then introduced a craft activity of leprechaun lookers that the children could make and use to look for leprechauns. Finally, she shared some tasty Irish soda bread she made, topped with butter or blackberry jam.

Irish step dancingkeeping the hands and arms stillblackberry jam on soda bread

We celebrated a sixth birthday. The birthday boy was born in the last days of winter in the month of March. He invited a friend to race around the earth with him before sharing tasty banana bread with everyone for snack.

6 years old!so fast around the sunbirthday banana breadenjoying soda bread and banana bread

Kindergarten students chose their own work, continued working on their newspaper article information and interview questions, designed and built Leprechaun traps, did some reading, and when they sat down to work on Thursday found a letter from Leprechaun Sean balled up on the table. In his letter he asked them to take good care of his gold and tell him how they had found it, so they each wrote their own letters with their own versions of how the gold was found.

a reader readingreading a word chunksworking on the X page of her alphabet bookTab had a nap.sight word reading workCan the pig sit on the tin man?Dear Leprechaun Sean,letter writing to leprechaun Sean

The temperatures continued to increase through the week, from perfect snowman snow to melting snow and ice on our playground, creating fabulous slushy puddles, great alligator swamps, slushy slush for all kinds of play, and MUD! The children used hammers to break down some decomposing stumps and use the pieces to create some interesting concoctions.

mini snowmanhammering stumpsmaking a snowbunnysnowcakesshoveling up all the snowwood pulpshoveling out his giant hotelhauling away the snowsnow mummysnow mummy twomore stump hammeringcollecting the stump gunksmashthe alligator sanctuarymaking mud cakesdigging a ditch to drain the watercollecting waterwalking carefully so as not to spillmaple sugaringmud soupthe juice girls mixing up tasty drinkstrying to collect water on the heart stumpsitting in the mud

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