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Snowy Quarantine

Our week at home while we awaited test results was busy with remote learning. We had fun singing songs and reading stories on our morning zooms, then using those stories to do activities throughout each day.

Monday we read The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, which initiated some gingerbread baby creation activities. Some families made gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies, which they shared on our zoom.

gingerbread baby on the treegingerbread girl in a matching blue dressadding buttons and paper to the gingerbread babypurple, red, black, green and yellow gingerbread babyadding blue pom pomsa little more glueall ready to hang on the treerolling out gingerbreadThese won't run away!!building a gingerbread housemasterpiecesdecorating the houseadding detailsall finished!decorating gingerbread babiesa purple, red, green and white gingerbread housepainting cookiesa beautiful sparkly bird cookieLetter to the Gingerbread baby

Children made color monsters by blowing paints into shapes and describing which emotions they represented and what made them feel that way.

making emotions monstersblowing paintHappy Monsterwhat makes me happyHappy monsterssad, happy, scaredblowing orangeorange monster

There was lots of outdoor play like the Six Snowy Sheep who engaged in fun snowy activities, and plans for how to spend a snow day, like Geraldine in Geraldine’s Big Snow.

a snowy day hikepulling little sister on the sledsnowball number game4 snowballssnowy day activitiesa snowy day adventurehard at work with Pasnow angelup on the snowpiledeep snow for angelsall the sisters in the snowsleddingjumping in the snowall ready to go!Wooosh!down the hillsnowmobilingoff she goeswhat fun in the snowvery tall snowmanriding the snowmobile into a pile of snowballs while the snowman watches in the backgroundMy family as snowmen under a snowy sky with a snow igloo and a hammocka sled full of snowI would build a snowman and go sleddingmaking snowflakesa small snowmanbuilding a snowman01taking sister for a ride

And some fun indoor activities . . . including Thank Yous to CLiF for the presentation and books.

Thank you to CLiFpaintingBINGOConnect 4bundled up in sleeping bags to watch a showdecorating the treehanging an ornament

The kindergarten students did some 10’s and 1’s math work.

counting groups of 106 cups of 10 fruit loops and 2 more makes 626 bundles of 10 popsicle sticks and 2 moregroups of 10 to make 6242

Tacky the Penguin inspired some penguin activities.

coloring her penguinadding some yellowa happy letter eating penguinAll finished

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